Friday, April 17, 2015

Living Room Redo with a New Leather Sofa

I have received product from Raymour & Flanigan in exchange for this post. All expressed opinions are 100% my own. Read my Full Disclosure Policy

I am so excited to share our mini living room makeover with you today! I have been working on it for awhile, ever since our new furniture from Raymour and Flanigan arrived. Then my grandfather died, and I lost all of my momentum. Life will do that to you. Right when you are going along thinking everything is just changes. Your heart can be broken. And then needs time to mend. My grandpa was so special. Many days I still have a hard time believing he isn't here anymore. It has gotten brighter, even though I am still missing him every day, but I am able to find joy again in simple things like rearranging and decorating. I say this is a "mini" makeover since it doesn't look too different from the last time I shared a full tour of this space last fall, but there are several new things that I am excited to show you today!
As I mentioned, last Friday, I have been dreaming of a chesterfield leather sofa for ages, and can now say I am the proud owner of Raymour and Flanigan's Saddler Leather Sofa. I am in love with it! When the delivery men dropped it off, I was semi freaking out inside. It's one of those things I thought I would always dream of but never really have.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Styling an Eclectic Bookshelf {in the living room}

Lately, I have been obsessed with bookshelf styling. So much so that I stole a shelf from my kids' room, just to decorate it in the living room. (Don't worry, I replaced it with something else that was even more kid friendly for them). I purchased this shelf at an antique store, long before having children, and while it isn't exactly "the look" I was going for, it had the space I wanted. I will be sharing the full living room refresh later this week, as I mentioned last Friday, but today, it's all about the shelf.
You might recall the rustic shelf that was in this space previously. It has been there for a long time, and even though I love it, I felt limited with how many things I could actually "style" on it.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Sundays at Home No. 53 Weekly Link Party & Features

Welcome back to Sundays at Home! Susan and I are delighted to have you link up with us and share your inspiration! Be sure to stop by to see what Susan had to inspire us this week at Love of Home.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Choosing the Perfect Leather Sofa {and a Date Night at Raymour & Flanigan}

I have received product from Raymour & Flanigan in exchange for this post. All expressed opinions are 100% my own as I truly love their furniture. Read my Full Disclosure Policy.

I have been working on getting our home decorating "finished" forever it seems, even though we have only lived here just going on five years. I know it is one of those things that will never really be done, as styles evolve and life changes, but it's a nice feeling when you can see progress towards making your house a home. We are on our way there with the help of several new pieces of furniture from Raymour and Flanigan and some plans for putting a few more personal touches in our main living areas.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

DIY Yarn Art

For quite some time now, I have been enamored with the art of weaving. I even started my first project on a diy cardboard loom (you can see my start here on Instagram) and then I just recently purchased my first wooden loom (This one- *affiliate link). I can't wait to dive in and try it. Even though the skill of weaving is time consuming, I find it relaxing and very enjoyable.

But...I also love instant gratification, so today, I have an easy project that takes all of fifteen minutes or so and gives the look and feel of textile art without all of the work.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Happy Easter!

In honor of Easter, our Sundays at Home link party will be postponed until next week. I hope that you are all enjoying a beautiful weekend with your loved ones! The weather is still cool here and it might even be a white Easter :( but I hope it is sunny and warm wherever you are.

(This photo was taken a few years ago and gives me hope for spring's return).

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Boho Chic Thrift Store Placemat Throw Pillow

Last February, I had the privilege of guest posting for me sweet friend Amy of Delineate Your Dwelling. I shared a simple DIY tutorial on how I turned some dated, thrift store placemats into a cute, boho style throw pillow. Since, I am still just getting back into the swing of things since the death of my grandfather, I am resharing this post with you today. I hope to have some new posts for you next week!
Here is the original post:

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Sundays at Home No. 52 Weekly Link Party & Features

I can't believe it is the one year anniversary of this little link party that I started last spring! I am humbled and honored by how it has grown and that so many of you come and inspire us week after week.

Since my grandfather died exactly one week ago, I am still a bit beside myself trying to cope. His funeral was yesterday which was tough, but so good to be surrounded by family and friends who loved and knew him. I hope to get back into a normal blogging routine soon, but am giving myself time because it has been hard.
I didn't have any posts last week, but be sure to visit my co-host, Susan, to see what she was up to! Always so much inspiration from her!

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Sundays at Home No. 51 Weekly Link Party

Welcome to week 51 of Sundays at Home. Today, the party will be held solely on my co-host's blog, Love of Home. Please head her way to link up! She is looking forward to getting to know you and seeing all that you have to share.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Styling a Rustic Shelf {with kids in mind}

Hey everybody! Life has been busy with the little ones and my grandfather, whom I love and adore, is not doing well. I have been trying to visit as often as possible, and even though he is 96, saying goodbye is never easy. Prayers are welcomed that the rest of his days are as pain free as possible and filled with peace.

Today, I am sharing a guest post that I did last month for Jennifer Rizzo with some tips for styling shelves while keeping young children in mind. As you may know, I have two preschool/toddler age children, fifteen months apart, so my decorating has changed a lot in the past few years. I still love to decorate, but have found the need to make compromises to keep my home well styled, yet safe and fun for my children. I actually enjoy the challenge of combing both elements (most of the time - finding places for all of those toys in a tight space is a challenge all its own).