Monday, February 25, 2013

growing up fast...(myself included)

My little babies are growing up faster than I can believe. Every day they seem to change a little. It is a joy to watch them grow and learn. But also a little sad as each stage passes, and I know that it will be gone forever. I am striving to enjoy each moment...(even through the temper tantrums, food thrown on the floor, waking up several times at night, painful teething stages, piles of laundry, spit up and endless amounts of dirty diapers.). I am made all the more aware each day that this precious time will be gone before I know it...

Last week I did an impromptu "photo shoot" with Hazel and Owen...gotta get my creativity out somehow during the day! I make no claims to be a professional photographer. People are always asking me for advice and what kind of camera, lenses and editing tools that I use. And while I do enjoy my equipment...the "art" of my photography is basically just what I have picked up along the way. I took a couple of photography classes in high school and college but that was before digital was popular. I remember only one student had a digital camera in my college class...and it was a very big deal...and very expensive.

Not having any "formal" training in digital photography often makes me very self-conscious about it. And highly critical of myself. I never feel my photos are where I want to be. I see so much talent online that it feels almost impossible to reach the heights I set for myself. So, for awhile I have been afraid to share things that are less than "perfect"...(perhaps a little blurry in the eyes...or a funny face being made...or not the right lighting...etc.).

Something that God is working on in me, though, is to take joy in the gifts he has given me. The specific talents and skills I am equipped with. And I am learning to not be afraid of sharing those less than perfect gifts...

because you never know who they will bring a smile to.
I am learning to see the beauty in my imperfections through they eyes of my children...who love me no matter what.

In the morning with no make-up on and still in pajamas...I make them smile.

During the day when I lose all self-consciousness and make funny faces and do silly voices.

When I dance like no is watching...only because I know it will make these adorable faces laugh. In a sense...having these two amazing people in my life has helped me learn to be easier on myself.

Nicer to myself.

Love myself.

Because I know they love me no matter what. And I know the picture of how much I love them in no way could even compare to the love that God has for me.

And that is pretty remarkable.
So while the photographs that I take are neither perfect nor "professional"...they are mine.

And reflect life as I see it.

And that is beautiful.
The above image shows Hazel at around 7 1/2 months (5 1/2 adjusted for being premature) and Owen who will be 5 months tomorrow. Amazing to see the resemblance. In the day to day it is easily missed.

Wishing you all many blessings...

Till next time...
Alice W.

...and for the curious who want to know what is in my photography "bag of tricks"...I use a Canon Rebel XSi (but long for a Canon 5D Mark II) and mostly my 35mm f/1.4L. I also play around with actions from Florabella Collection and Paint the Moon.