Rustic Spring Mantel

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Easter came very fast this year. Too fast for me to decorate for in fact.

The other day, however, I got the urge to do a mantel vignette in honor of spring (even though it has still been snowing here as of late). I knew Hazel would enjoy some fresh new decorations...

Large apothecary jars act as nests for Robin's eggs that I purchased at Home Goods awhile back. To keep with a rustic, farmhouse feel, I added one of my favorite old scales and some wire baskets filled with eggs.

I recently won a giveaway from Sandi of Wayside Treasures and she included lots of pretty things like a  peat pot that I filled with more eggs.

I added a "clothesline" banner with vintage flashcards and mini clothespins. Hazel is really into the alphabet these days so she loves it..."I...I...I" she says pointing at any letter...

A few years ago I made some collage eggs that I had planned to sell but ended up loving so much that I kept them. I added them to the apothecary jars.

I think Hazel's favorite part of this vignette is the cast iron rabbit (he's my favorite too)...and the little bunny figurine...

I also love this little "Rabbits for Sale" card that I found some years ago...don't know anything about it but find it very charming...

White doves flank each side and my collection of ironstone pitchers lines the back.

Hazel had a very fun Easter, as did I, preparing her basket and an "egg hunt" for her...

I purchased some inexpensive baskets for the kids, but spruced them up with handmade fabric bunting banners spelling out their names in Scrabble tiles. Since Hazel is still under two, I could get away without much candy...we only included some chocolate "Hazelnut" carrots for her to enjoy and filled the rest with books, markers, constructions paper and a bunny of course :).

Owen received a little book, a soft football and socks in his basket :). I filled plastic eggs with little "treasures" like stickers, Cheerios, Goldfish, and bunny animal crackers. Hazel enjoyed finding them all that morning.

We also made a quick "diy" pair of Easter bunny ears from construction paper and a headband for them to sport (only lasted about two minutes on each but was still fun)...

All in all we have been very blessed. These two kiddos sure are growing fast. I am loving every single day that I get to spend with them. They are my world and I love filling their days with creativity...magical moments...wonder...and faith.

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  1. So pretty! Loved seeing your blog post pop up in my feed :) That burlap bag is from right by where I live! Santa Barbara, cool. Hope you and your sweet lils are doing amazing XOX

  2. Love it all! Hazel and Owen are adorable! You really make every day a holiday them Alice, you are an incredible mom! Love you!

  3. I ALWAYS love reading your blog posts. I only wish there were more:) I suppose you are a bit too busy with your sweet babies..
    Alice this is one of my favorites!!! Of course I love white then you added the most creative and beautiful details. I too have failed at decorating for spring and its been I'm the high 70's here. Thanks for the touch of Spring:) Now if I could only get you to stop by and decorate my mantle:)

  4. Dear sweet Alice...I know your life is just so very full right now!!! I remember this time so well! I always say that "these are the good ol' days" right now, and you just don't even know it. Precious young babies, growing like little weeds. They are so beautiful and I know you are having the best fun with them both! They are going to be so very close being so close in age. And as always, your taste and photograph is absolutely gorgeous, the mantle is breathtaking Alice!! Thank you for taking the time to share with us as I know it is a precious thing right now ~ wishing you so much goodness, hugs and love, Dawn

  5. Alice,
    So good to see your blessings in your life. Enjoy your time with you sweet kiddos as it goes all too soon. Our daughter is graduating from HS next month and my heart aches. Where did my baby go?
    Love your beautiful heart and pictures as always.

  6. Alice...yippie a blog post from you! I was just telling someone the other day how much I missed your posts. As Dawn said I can appreciate your super busy schedule now with your two little cuties;, so to hear from you is all the more precious. Your photos emanate a wonderful sense of calm and serenity. What great ideas you had regarding egg-fillings for little ones! May a warmer Spring find you soon and so looking forward to your next post...take care, Fay

  7. just too cute! All of it. Cute, cute,cute!

  8. Precious, Alice! It's good to see your kids getting so big! Great job on the mantle!

  9. The thought of sitting still for a few minutes and babies are magical thoughts because you indeed need the nap fairy to come visit for your magic to happen and when it does blogland rejoices. Love love love your blog!

  10. new follower - love your blog! xoox, tracie

  11. Visiting from Be your mantel and the whole look of your blog!

  12. Love your mantel, Alice! Your kiddos look adorable with their bunny ears!


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