Dyed Coffee Filter Floral Bouquet

For Mother's Day, Hazel and I put together some simple "flowers" to give to all of the women we would be visiting that day (including two grandma's and three aunts).

A couple of years ago I was making a lot of projects using dyed coffee filters (there are a plethora of tutorials out there about them now, but I thought I would share this one anyway!). I wrote an article featured in Somerset Life on how to make a pomander ball using them. I had made so many back then, that I decided to make these single flowers with the left overs. This project was pretty easy for me because half of the work was already done. Gotta love that.

Here is my post about dying coffee filters and making "paper posies"...they end up looking a bit like peonies I think (which I love and these ones last all year).

So once you have put together, dyed, and dried your coffee filters, you are ready to turn them into stemmed flowers. We gave ours away individually, but they look quite lovely when put together in a bouquet.
Here are the supplies I used:
~dyed coffee filter "flowers"(approximately 3 layers per flower) (tutorial here)
~lollipop sticks (I purchased these on Etsy)
~crinkled seam binding ribbon (could also be found on Etsy if you don't have any...I love this stuff!)
My flowers were already stapled together at the bottom, so I simply put some hot glue near the base and attached the lollipop stick to it. I wrapped the base around the stick to get a clean look without showing any glue.
I then took the seam binding and tied it tightly around the base where the flower and stick met. I tied it a couple of time and then left long strands hanging down.

Since we were giving these away, I attached paper tags to the seam binding before tying it.
The grandmas and aunts loved them :) And it was the sweetest thing watching Hazel pass them out...sigh...I love my girl.

Till next time...
~Alice W.

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  1. Alice and Hazel~these are so pretty. I love the soft colors. I can only imagine how precious it was to watch Hazel pass them out. I'm sure each Mom was blessed by your sweet gifts. How thoughtful and clever! Your photos are gorgeous! I hope your upcoming sale goes well. I will be in Scottsville in a few weeks. Too bad I won't make your sale!

  2. Love to work with paper items and this is one of my favs. Did you give them away in the bottles? Wonderful gifts from a sweet little girl. :)

  3. So adorable.... had to pin it!!! :)

  4. These are so fluffy and beautiful! You've given me an idea for a nursery garland. Thanks for the inspiration!


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