Sunday, December 15, 2013

Holiday Home Tour 2013 | Part Two | The Kids' Room

I am starting this post an hour before my birthday (12/15). By the time I click "publish" I will have turned 32 and will be spending the day with my two favorite people...2 1/2 year old, Hazel, and 15 month old, Owen. (Unfortunately, my husband has to work in the morning but I will enjoy the rest of my big day with him when he comes home).

In this post, I am welcoming you into what is now Hazel and Owen's room. It used to be just Hazel's, but living in such a small house (it's only a two bedroom), we eventually decided to squeeze them in together, to get Owen's crib out of our bedroom (now if only I could get him to sleep in it! Ha.)

I decorated their room with special touches for the holiday season, which they both have been enjoying so much. I hope you enjoy it as well. So here goes...
I have sort of "split" the room down the middle but tried to keep the vintage inspired flow throughout.

Here is a glimpse of Hazel's side...
(I wish I had another lens to share room pics in my home...the widest I have is a 35mm, so I can't capture the full space. Hopefully one day!)
I created the pomander balls with coffee filters and put white lights behind a curtain that drapes over her bed.
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The little stars above this print say, "Winter Wishes"...
The little sheep in Hazel's crib is named "Baa" (what she has always called him since she could talk) and is her must have companion at night and nap time.
The vintage pram stroller and antique baby were found at the same shop, and were a steal at only $15 and $10.
We sanded and sealed this white shelf before putting it in the room (we are very cautious about lead paint!). It has been given a few holiday touches this year.
The Christmas village I set up, gets played with and rearranged often.
And now for Owen: his side is still a work in progress since he only moved in here a couple of months ago, but here is what I have done so far...
Josh made this wooden rocking horse in high school, so it is pretty special to have in their room.
Josh also did this painting a few years ago, and I love it. I have a thing for mustard yellow.
My mother made Owen's crib mobile out of felt. It fits perfect and is so unique. She also made the pennant banners for him as well.
The monkey in his crib belonged to Josh when he was little.
In between the two cribs is the antique dresser that they share. I went all out here for Christmas. And my mom made them a special Santa banner on burlap.
I went a little nuts with free chalkboard printables this holiday season!

Our little race car driver has his tree all hitched up ready to bring home...
On Owen's side...a pair of antique leather baby shoes...
and on Hazel' antique black pair...
Hazel also has a little tea set (with some faux holiday treats!) on her side that she plays with regularly.
I told Hazel this pair of angels was her and Owen :) I think she believed me.
And last but definitely not least, I put their stockings in here (that will be full come Christmas morning).   Both of my kids have a thing for Mickey Mouse...
I hope you enjoyed the tour! Will share more inside our home soon!

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Till next time (I will be off enjoying my 32nd birthday!)...
~Alice W.