Holiday Home Tour | Part Four | The Living Room & Christmas Tree

Welcome to the fourth lap of my Holiday Home Tour! 
 I was finally able to get the living room and playroom cleaned up and photographed (so now I can welcome you in). 

I must preface this post by saying, these rooms are rarely EVER this clean. Maybe three times a year...tops. When we have an event coming up that is. And then, if they are cleaned up, that means another room (or three!) end up being filled up with the clutter that I took out. One day I hope to have a completely organized home and know what it is like to have all rooms cleaned at the same time. A girl can dream right? 

Till then...let's head on inside and check out the "very clean for the moment" living room...
I went for a "rustic cabin" look in here. I posted about this photo wall collage previously here. It has changed a bit since then...
This free chalkboard printable came from Nest of Posies. It was perfect for this frame that I found in my basement (I have hoards of stuff down there!). It was broken on one side, but I didn't care because the two looked so good together and the photos kind of masked it...
I took a couple of shots with my husband's iPhone for this post to be able to show more of the full room (none of my lenses can do that...till I get another one to add to my collection :). Sorry for the poor quality of those photos (you can probably spot the ones below!) and it was a bit overcast so that didn't help, but at least you can see more of our space.
The bells on our greenery actually play music, which both of my kids LOVE, especially Owen. He constantly wants to hear them and then dances and "sings" along. It is the cutest thing.

Both of my kids love our tree too. We always get a real tree and this is the first year I added some colored lights to it (just for them)...
Here is another *awesome* cell phone shot ;)...
The tree is located right in between the living room and playroom, and since the living room is "rustic woodland" and the playroom is "vintage whimsy", the tree is a good mix of both.
I printed off several free chalkboard images to make into ornaments and simply added thin twine to hang them. I also punched the corners to make them a little more fancy.
I stamped some wood slats with deer and other woodland images to add to the rustic look.
Hazel helped me make some salt dough ornaments. She made this shape all on her own and it looked remarkably like a bird to me. I was so impressed, so we painted it blue and added some glitter...
Last year, I put our Christmas tree in a basket. You can see my home decorated for Christmas 2012 here
This year I simply wrapped a vintage scarf around it.
I got this pink bergere chair this past fall for only $15.
Below the tree we have a manger (although I just realized this year that I am pretty sure our "Joseph" is actually a shepherd. Oops.)
We recently purchased our sofa and chair at Raymour & Flanigan. They are the first "new" pieces we have ever had. I am such a cheapskate, but I finally couldn't take having any more couches to throw out once a year when they fell apart. (Although these did come for the R&F Clearance Center!) They are a dark "faux suede" microfiber which is great when you have kids who make lots of messes (or for when I accidentally spill my coffee on them :)
The deer pillow came from Joann's on sale and sits with my $5 down Ralph Lauren pillow (via Salvation Army).
In the corner, we have a cabinet that my husband made from a salvaged porch door.
The main wall, that you see when you come into the living room from outside, has our TV on an antique sideboard. I started to create a gallery wall around it a couple of weeks ago, but still have a thing or two to add. 
I like to put the Christmas Yule Log on TV since I don't have a real fireplace in here (just a space heater that also looks like one that you can see in other pics). When that isn't on you can pretty much guarantee it will be on one of the Hallmark channels or ABC Family when they are showing Christmas specials. "Rudolph" and family are hanging out below (poor Rudolph's dad lost his antlers, but we still like to have him around).
My dress form, Mae, has been decked out for winter...
And here is one last shot of our bokeh :)
This will be my last post before Christmas day, and if you can believe it, I still have one more Holiday Home Tour post that I would like to share. And that would be inside the playroom. I will save that till after Christmas to share because I have a whole house to get cleaned, presents to wrap, and gifts still needing to be made. Till then...I hope you have a very blessed Christmas!

If you missed any of my previous Holiday Home Tour posts you can check them out below...

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Till next time...
~Alice W.


  1. Simply beautiful Alice! You have the knack for pulling everything together just perfect! Merry Christmas!

  2. A.M.A.Z.I.N.G! In love with everything. The one thing that stands out the most for me is how you've framed your TV! Mine is in desperate need of some Alice love :)
    The tree is just prefect. The beautiful rap you put on it. The wonderful handmade ornaments! The fact you included white & color. Perfection.
    I love that you still saved Rudolph even though he's lost his antlers, makes it all the better. I think anyways :), all the detail and love you put into it really shows! I'm so glad I popped in. Now I'll need to look around. I'm interested in what all else you've photos and posted :) you sure do take perfect pictures and have an eye for beautiful vintage! I'm jealous!!!!! XxxooO

  3. Your home is absolutely Gorgeous!
    Happy Holidays <3

  4. Love it, everything looks great, even with the phone camera! I can't wait to be there on Christmas day!!

    Love you,

  5. Oh Alice... no one can do Christmas like you do... or any day... you have such a knack for creating a warm and welcoming home... I feel like I am a welcomed guest, ready to relax in your woodland living room... I love all of your enchanting touches of Nature everywhere... your tree is just beautiful and the little blue bird Hazel made brought tears to my eyes... she has inherited your love of Nature sweet friend... and your talent for creating beautiful keepsakes... I really love your photo wall... and your stamped woodslats... Merry Christmas to you and your family!... wondering how little Renoir is?... kisses to him, xoxo Julie Marie

  6. I am in awe of your beautiful home. Your pictures are absolutely gorgeous. Thank you for the lovely tour. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  7. You carried your woodlands theme through so well. I love the deer everywhere. And I love the ornament that says, Wise Men Still Seek Him. So true!

    Dropping by from Sunday Showcase. Here's hoping that you and yours have a Merry Christmas! It looks like you are well on your way!



  8. Perfect! LOVE your Chrismas decoration!

  9. such a beautiful home! love the little bird Hazel made ~ these are the tree ornaments that will become more and more special over the years ♥ Wishing you a Very Merry Christmas.

  10. Gorgeous!! Just love all the details. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  11. I just love this rustic look. It is beautiful!

  12. I won't comment about the pics as you already know I love them and they're truly beautiful, and actually it doesn't matter at all to me if they're "perfect" or not. I don't see them as a photographers portfolio. They are just a way to capture the beauty, convey meaning and share inspiration and joy. What I can perceive from them is the immense love, and all of the care you had to furnish and decorate your little cottage. I can feel your heart from across the pond. I imagine you and your little family living a simple, meaningful life celebrating goodness and spirit and Love. My heart smiles for all of your efforts to make a beautiful house on a budget, and it's so gorgeous, full of personality and artistic touches... just in a word, full of heart. I think you should stop using Pinterest- I did, and I am back to my wonderful scrap journals. So very glad I did. Nothing you see on Pinterest could ever add to the perfection of your home, because it's not made up of materiality, but of love and spiritual qualities. Your Holiday tour shows it quite well.
    Thanks for sharing your heart with us through your {perfectly imperfect} home. This is a real gift.
    May your Christmas be magical and deeply joyous, and may you all receive the gifts of the Christmas Spirit now and always.
    My best,
    Monica xoxo
    P.S. My Nativity as a child was very similar to yours, and we have a "shepherd" Joseph as well :)

  13. Alice,
    I just love your sweet house. It feels so warm and cozy. Like a real family lives here:) I need to check out the chalkboard downloads. Have a wonderful 2014! Lisa


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