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Embracing the Imperfections of an Older Home

Ever since having children, I have found myself (on occasion) longing for a newly built home. 
If you knew me pre-kids, that would sound shocking to you. I have always loved older homes (like really old...early 1900's and older would have been my preference).

But with little ones, there is this idea in my mind that somehow life would be easier in a house of new construction. One with an open floor plan where everyone can be together, without actually having to "be together." Where everything is freshly painted (no fear of lead). All the windows and doors are nice and sealed tight. They probably even all close without an issue! Without cracks and crevices of old dirt that no matter how many times you clean, it doesn't go away. 

Yes, sometimes I do think that would be nice.

I don't live in that reality though. My home was built around 1929 and has its fair share of imperfections. The first being it is way too small for me and all of my stuff my family. 
But for now, with Josh being the main breadwinner so that I can stay home with our children, we have to make this house work.

There are so many things I find odd and quirky about my house. But I am trying to look at it differently these days. 
I am trying to embrace those imperfections if you will.

This post is a bit self-serving. Perhaps, I am hoping that seeing these elements of my home through the beauty of photography (and photo actions!), I will see beauty where I don't in the day to day.

My home does have some character, most of which can be found upstairs.

I will start with our upstairs bathroom. The one room in our house that needs the most rehab work. 
This room needs a complete overhaul. But that will be a project for awhile from now. 
There is something still very charming about it though..."as is"...

It has this funky floral wallpaper...that for some reason...I actually like.
As well as the very old medicine cabinet...
I am not in love with the light fixture above it, but it works (literally). So it will do for now.
There are layers of chippy paint. 
This room must have gone through many make-overs through the years.
And who doesn't love an old claw foot tub?
The other element of character that can be found upstairs is all of the old doors. None of them have ever been updated (and the only one that actually closes all the way is the bathroom. Thankfully :)
I love the old knobs and hardware on each one.
If you can believe it, I didn't even notice these fancy hinges until I took the pictures for this post. 
Just goes to show the beauty that can be found right under your nose.
The craftsmanship that was put into the details of older homes never ceases to amaze me. 
This is something I know I would long for in a newer home, and always be trying to recreate.
Both main entrance doors to our home are original as well (or at least very old). 
Our back door is painted a lovely shade of gray that often gets overlooked by most (including me).
Our front entrance door is painted a dark brown/espresso on the interior, which I really love.
Another character element of our older home that I truly love, is the old pine floors that we painted gray when we moved in (they were already painted a yucky brown color so I didn't feel bad painting them).
Downstairs, the previous owners put in newer laminate flooring, but the upstairs hall, bedrooms and stairway have the original pine.
These floors are nowhere near perfect. Previous owners, cut them up in spots, especially in Hazel and Owen's room (but rugs work well at hiding those imperfections).
A couple of other quirks often found in older homes, mine being no exception, are plaster walls and low ceilings. 

Here is a glimpse into my bedroom. 

I am currently working on finishing this room in what, I guess, you could call a "granny chic" look :) 
My goal for this year is to try to use what I have, instead of running out to buy lots of new stuff (I have too much as it is!). 
Sometimes it can be very difficult working around the plaster, uneven walls while decorating. 
But I am getting better at getting those nails in and lining things up.

I did this wall grouping last week...
The other half of this room is my art studio, which I am hoping to finally get completely organized in the next few weeks or so. 
It has been a long time coming. 
Since our home is only a two bedroom, we always have to make do, so my closet is on the side with my art studio. Closets in older homes often leave something to be desired, but I will try to just be thankful my home has closets. I know that many older homes don't.

I think I might put a curtain up to hide all of the clothes...still a work in progress.
A cute "closet" full of character, that can be found in the mudroom, is our broom closet.
It's very charming with it's dark bead board and old latches.
The mudroom leads to the basement, where another interesting quirk can be found.
For some reason, the stairs to the basement were covered in this interesting pattern flooring. 
And, just like the wallpaper in the bathroom, I kind of like it.
While, my home still needs lots of TLC to get it where I will truly love it, I am embracing its character and quirks more and more every day. 

The most important thing that our home has is a lot of love.

And I know that is all that matters.

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~Alice W.

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