True Love

I've spent much of the past eight years grateful that I waited on true love.

There could have been a few other men who took my husband's place, had I not waited.

And, I would likely be sorry for it.
But, I did wait. 

Even though the time was painful and felt like it might never come. 

It was worth it.
Now, I wake up joyfully and delight in the life all around me.

I have an amazing man who would no doubt give his very life for me.

And two adorable children who can make me smile at the drop of a hat.

I know that I am one blessed woman.
And I give all of the credit to God. 

For leading me and guiding me.

And always answering my prayers in his perfect timing 
(even when I am impatient and "want what I think I want right now!".)
I'm reflecting on love with Valentine's day just around the corner. 
Christmas decor is down (insert my super sad face here). 
Anyone else think it came and went all too quickly?

But I am looking forward to what this new year holds. Good things I am sure.

I have reopened my Etsy shops including my photography shop which has been closed since before Owen was born! I am finding a lot more time to create and work on the computer during naps and after their bedtime.
The image at the very top of this post is titled, "True Love No. 1" and is my latest work available over there. All of the other images in this post are also available in my shop with more coming soon.

Hopefully, I will find some time to list more handmade and vintage items in my other shop (that I recently renamed "alicewcollection" for those who remember me as "aliceslookingglass"). 
Got to take advantage of those nap times during the day!

Hope you will stop by and look around! 

Blessings for the week ahead.
Till next time...
~Alice W.


  1. Awesome, so glad to see you back at work on your shops and that nap time is giving you the creative time you need without having to give up family time or sleep!! haha Great job and good luck!


  2. So happy you found your true love and you have a wonderful family with him. Sweet post.
    Yes, Christmas came way too fast. Had I been more organized I might have accomplished all I wanted to but the season was nice anyway.
    Glad you reopened the photography shop. I am the proud owner of one of your photos.

  3. Happy New Year, Alice! Love hearing about how you waited, and how God blessed you with the love of your life!! That's a truth I hammered into our four girl's heads. He is such an amazing and loving God.

    And yay for time to create during naps!! He also wants you to share those gifts of yours with the world!! And we get to take it all in! Win/Win!

    Have a lovely week!
    I look forward to peeking in and seeing what you're up to throughout the year!! And checking out your shops!
    Oh, and how totally cool that your Mom blogs!! Blessings all around!
    ♥ Becky

  4. Hello, blog hopping and found your beautiful blog.

    Nice post.

    Please visit mine too and feel free to add comments.


  5. Happy New Year. God has indeed blessed you. Here's to a wonderful New Year filled with wonderful opportunities and blessings. Hugs, Sheila

  6. Such a great post Alice! I waited for true love too. I prayed for my soul mate and God blessed me with the perfect husband at the perfect time! He is amazing that way!
    Don't you just love naptime and bedtime? I get so much done then! :)

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