Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Salvage Door Corner Shelf

A few years back, my husband and I saw some old wooden doors lying near the side of the road. We stopped to check them out, when the owner came out and offered to help us load them up if we wanted to take them. 
Yes, please!

I'm not sure my husband was as enthusiastic (after all, I already had a growing collection of old doors and window,  and we only lived in a two bedroom townhouse). He obliged me, however, and we took the doors home not sure of what they might become.
One of them was an old porch door that we eventually decided to turn into a corner shelf. My husband did this completely on his own using plywood for the backing and shelves. I wish I had taken a before shot because it looked so much different. It was dark green on one side and a mauvish-purple on the other (sounds prettier than it really was).
We painted the door white and the inside pale gray. It has been like this for years now, and at some point it may be time for a change. I am not sure to what yet...perhaps a warmer, darker shade of gray on the inside or a gray patterned wallpaper? Still brainstorming that one.

I am getting very eager for spring. I just finally took down the decor I put in this shelf before winter, so it was time for a change up. I was inspired by many of the Ballard Design catalogs lying around our house (but I didn't want to spend those prices, so I just "shopped" in my basement. It is my secret stash of "stuff").
We have a "black and white" thing going on in the living room, so I decided to decorate this shelf with my vintage camera collection and some of my photographs.
On the very top, I added some old bottles and a tall cloche. Inside, I stacked up several of my over sized art and decor books.
I actually had my husband add this old doorknob and plate a couple of months ago (the door just had a hole where the former knob was, and I didn't like the look of it).
and why yes, I do have a fake ivy topiary tree :) I have had it for 12+ years and I don't know why, but I think it's so cute.
And because people have emailed me wondering about my living room curtains, I thought I would share about them here. They are simple canvas drop clothes that we purchased from Lowe's. We bought very long ones and I cut them in half. I purchased some clip on drapery rings from Target to hang them (I just left the hem raw and put it at the top). 
The rods are industrial piping that we also purchased from Lowe's. My husband put it up for me. We still have the other window to do in the living room, but I do love how it turned out.

Hope you enjoyed a little peek into our living room (more from this space coming soon including my gallery wall around our flat screen TV.) 
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