Early Spring Centerpiece

Last week, I set up a little centerpiece on our dining room table. I wanted it to hint towards spring but not be screaming "Easter!". It was a simple vignette, using items I have collected through the years. I started with an old burlap feed sack and vintage vanity tray. 
Followed by a collection of old blue bottles in various sizes and shapes.
I have a small collection of chalkware sheep that I normally keep in the kitchen, but I thought they would be perfect for this. Plus my kids love them, so they enjoy seeing them displayed at the table.
And last, but definitely not least, I put my chalkware Mary statue on the table too. She has definitely seen better days, but I love her just the same. (And she only cost $5 from the flea market!)
So there you have it! Hope you enjoyed your visit :)

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~Alice W.


  1. Lovely Spring colors, Alice. It is rustic and homey feeling0 xo Diana

  2. I love it all--those blue bottles are just gorgeous. The lambs and Mary look great too--very nice!

  3. Wow ~ such a Nice collection of blottlegger in the most perfect Color!!!!!!And I love the Madonna statue in the same Color,I am actually dreaming of a similar myself.Cute little lambs too,a post filled with beauty!!'
    Tove :)

  4. What a beautiful centerpiece! Thanks for sharing!

  5. love the chalkware. I have some sheep myself only use them for my Christmas creche. I also have a chalkware Mary statue that belonged to my mother. A little putty and paint and it looks like new! .....except for her missing hand...Love your centerpiece!

  6. This is such a "Feel Good" centerpiece! Everything is perfectly tattered a bit. Love!!


  7. So lovely Alice!! I always love visiting you...so peaceful and serene.


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