Monday, March 10, 2014

Mason Jar Photo Gallery {DIY}

I have a simple DIY for you today. I love old mason jars and have a huge collection. The ideas for them seem to be unending. One that I have enjoyed doing for the past couple of years is to put photographs in them. I am always looking for unconventional ways to display our family photos, and this is one that works well with my industrial, farmhouse decor. It is a nice modern twist on a vintage item.
I cleaned out my antique jars very well to make sure they were clear to see through. I couldn't get some clear enough so those went back to the basement for a project for another day. I chose all black and white images with a similar theme (my kids!). Then I simply curled them a bit to get them to fit in and voila! Put the lid on and display them together to make a unique statement.
How cute are my babies? Seriously. (Okay, I know I am partial ;)
I love adding detail shots to a grouping of photos, like my sweet Owen's feet here. I like to make sure to balance details with portraits for added interest, no matter how I am displaying photographs.

There so many possibilities for creating an interesting photo gallery with jars. You could add colored shots, vary the sizes of the jars and photographs, or even add vintage photos. And don't let not having antique/vintage ones hold you back...I bet new ones would work just as well!

Till next time...
~Alice W.

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