Spring 2014 Informal Entryway

When I used to dream of owning my own home, the one thing that I really wanted was a formal entryway. 

You know...the kind where you walk through a giant old door (or even better a pair of doors) and see a beautiful staircase off to one side. 

With lots of room to put furniture, and a pretty chair or old bench to put shoes on, and of course, decorative items. 

But, the house we bought had no such thing. 

In fact, it had no entryway whatsoever. You walk straight into the living room with only one teensy, tiny wall to the left to be considered the "entryway area". Here is what it looked like when we moved in:
I didn't take a picture of it with the door closed, but it was basically just plain and boring.

I have had to learn to make this space work. It is a stretch for me and still frustrates me often (we have no coat closet either. Nothing even on this floor that could work as such, expect for maybe a very old, shabby mud room way on the other side of the house near a door that no one ever comes in through.)

So, how do we make it work?

Well, the first thing I had my husband do, was make a coat rack.
My mom got me a piece of old barn wood, and Josh cut it down to fit exactly between the wall and trim. We purchased the hooks at Target and he installed them directly onto it after the wood was in place. 

Very simple, but it helped so much. On a "normal" day this thing gets loaded up with lots of jackets, coats and scarves. In fact, it gets loaded up so much you can't even see it anymore.
I always like to add a decor element above it. Currently I have my free chalkboard printable displayed in a pretty frame with no glass. I tend to like chalkboard printable in frames without glass, so they look more like the "real thing."
I was recently on Pinterest and saw the cutest entry way that had old crates to hold shoes and things. (The person who blogged about it did not share the original link so I am not going to share it here - hate when people don't get the credit for their work & photos!). 

The only old crates I have that were similar are really grubby ones on my front porch, but I did have an old Canada Dry box that made the perfect "cubbyhole" for the little ones' shoes.
Just within reach when it is finally time to go jump in the mud puddles!
There is a galvanized tin in the corner. Obviously the vintage parasols are purely decorative, but that is my actual umbrella in there. I got it at a yard sale for $1.00.
On the other side of the door, I have a small cabinet that is both cute to look at and very functional. We keep our essentials for running out the door in the drawer.
And inside the cupboard, I keep an old sewing basket that is filled with our gloves, hats and extra scarves.
I recently shared a diy tutorial about the lampshade here. Next to it is a stack of old books (of which I have many).
A branch from our yard brings in a bit of nature and a nod to the woodland theme throughout the rest of the room.
Above the cabinet, I have an old rustic mirror and a vintage photo wall collage that you can read more about here.

While it is extremely informal, I somehow manage to make it work.

And guests can sit on this comfy chair when they put their shoes on...
If you missed my Spring 2014 Living Room Reveal be sure to check it out to see the rest of the space! And I finally added a home tour page, so you can see some of the other rooms in our home (although they are mostly all still Christmas decor! Will have lots more coming in the future that aren't holiday themed :)

~Alice W.


  1. I have always loved formal entryways too! I love how you have worked with what you have and use creative ways for practical storage! It looks beautiful. We enter our house through our back door and we are greeted by our water heater, furnace, and washer and dryer. There is just no way to make that look pretty! ;)

    1. Haha...yes I don't think there would be a lot to do with those appliances there!

  2. Oooooh I love it! I have always wanted a grand entry way, ideally with me sweeping gracefully down the stairs in a fancy gown a la Gone with the Wind. Reality I would trip and break my neck on my hoop skirt but the dream lives on. :) I really, really love the crate with the shoes, darling!

  3. You made good use of that tiny space. We have a bi-level with a small landing. If there is more than two on the landing someone will tumble down the steps. Looks nice and neat and everything that you need is right there.

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  5. small, cozy, informal, style, warmth, home...........love it!

  6. I want your hounds-tooth rain boots! LOVE.

    1. I got those at Target a couple of years ago :) love them!

  7. It looks nice to me but I bet is can be frustrating to you-especially when everyone comes crowding through the door. It's too bad they didn't leave a space for even a small closet by the front door! xo Diana

  8. I just love all your special touches once again Alice! Your posts never disappoint. :)

  9. Love that little cabinet! I'm like you ... no official entryway. Always wanted one ... never had one because I always buy older homes. :)

  10. Hi Alice, I can understand your frustration about this small entry area but you did a great job making this space work. It looks beautiful and it's practical as well. Great umbrella by the way :)!

  11. Alice...I thought I was the only one with no foyer in my home! I just don't get it! You did a great job, having the wall along the side gave you some great options. I love the cabinet to the right for storage. Wonderful!!

    I'm off to look at your home tour and I'm curious how you did the photo gallery. It is so cool! :)


  12. Love just seeing your beautiful home! Makes me want to redo mine!

  13. You made the most of your space Alice and it looks wonderful. II have a huge foyer and it does not even look half as nice as yours.

  14. You have done a nice job making this work. Same situation here in my old house. Right into the living room...you enter right smack in the middle of the long narrow room. I had a coat rack there for years...a nice standing old fashioned one. A year or so ago a certain little grandson broke it to smithereens....it's a good thing he's as cute as he is! :) Seriously it scared the heck out of me but thankfully he was ok! :)


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