Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Spring 2014 {Partial} Living Room Reveal

As promised, I am sharing my living room reveal! 

You will notice in the title this is only a "partial" reveal. I still have some work to do on our gallery wall with the flat screen and will reveal that as soon as it is done. There are also many things in this room that I hope to do in the future, but I decided I won't hold out any longer on sharing a room tour. 

So here we go! I was actually able to get this room cleaned up and photographed while both kids napped (a miracle!). I will try to explain the pieces in here and what we have done since moving in, throughout this post. If you have any questions about anything you see here, feel free to ask and I will be sure to respond!

I thought first, you might like to see the before. This is what it looked like when we moved in:
I would describe the paint color then as "Macaroni & Cheese." It had to go. We painted it a soft gray called "Puff" by Valspar. 

We also replaced the ceiling fan for a vintage chandelier that we purchased on Craigslist for only $50. 

The laminate flooring was relatively new so we left that as is. It is actually pretty strange to look back now and see how much it has changed. 
Back to my living room now...
I mentioned in my Christmas Home Tour living room post that our sofa and chair are faux suede microfiber. They do look like real leather, which is what I really wanted except that I wanted them to feel cozy

I love them and am really happy we purchased them. They came from the Raymour and Flanigan discount center and we were lucky enough to find the two matching pieces (although on opposite sides of the building!). 

They are so easy to clean up or mask stains which is great with having two small kids.
You will notice that I do not have a coffee table. That is because of having young kids who would, no doubt, get hurt on it all the time. 

We do have a small ottoman that I picked up for $20 at an annual sale in our area. 

I have a suitcase on its side, next to the couch, for keeping drinks on and what not during the day.
The ikat pillow came from Home Goods, and I posted about my vintage sugar bag pillow last week. 

The lead glass window is one of my favorite finds. I hope to hang it in front of these windows eventually. It is currently just propped on the ledge.
One thing that I don't like about our living room are that the windows have no grids. I think that adds so much to the look of a house both inside and out. 

But since these windows were put in by the previous owners and are fairly new, I couldn't convince my husband to replace them

So I propped up some old shutters in the other one just for some extra character. You will notice that they both go the same way...ah well.
One of my favorite things in this room is the yellow rug. I got it at the same annual sale where the ottoman came from (only a few years later). It was only $40. 

I have a thing for mustard yellow (not macaroni and cheese yellow!).
My style is mainly rustic farmhouse with some industrial and eclectic elements thrown in. I would describe our home as an "eclectic cottage". 

I do have a quirky side to my decorating that I know the mainstream just doesn't get. That is okay with me though...I know most of you who visit here get it.
The newest addition to the living room are the hanging lampshades. I hope to hang them from the ceiling in the future (but have to have my husband do that as it's made of plaster).

I am also debating about turning the middle one into a light fixture with a hanging pendant light kit.
In a previous post, I shared the corner shelf that my husband made from a salvage door. In that post, I mentioned that I wanted to change the inside but wasn't sure how then. 
Last week I decided to line the interior with dark brown burlap. 

If you are curious how I did it...well let's just say it involved an iron (for creating clean edge lines and straightening out wrinkles), a glue gun and some scissors and that's about it. It is definitely not perfect but it works for me. 

I love the texture and darker color inside. It adds so much depth and dimension to the room. 

I had a lot of fun decorating it with some simple spring touches. I change out my decor every season or when I just get bored of it. If you come back in a couple of months it will probably look completely different in here!
I added a hint of green to each shelf, mixed with antiques and farmhouse decor. 

Spring always sings of farmhouse style to me. 
On the other end of the couch, I have a stack of suitcases on an antique trunk. 

The trunk is turned around backwards, so my kids don't hurt themselves on the latch (I know they would mess with it if given the opportunity!).
I mentioned the lamp in this post. And the mirror was a birthday gift from my husband the first year we were dating.

And just in case you think things around here are always perfectly organized and "staged for a magazine", here is a little glimpse of reality:
So, one of my kids woke up while I was trying to finish the photographs. He immediately started "rearranging" for me. 

"Who me?"
In a future post, I am going to share our tiny entryway and how we manage with it being directly in our living room and without a coat closet of any kind. 

I hope you enjoyed this room reveal! I have lots more coming in the future, so I hope you will follow along by email, Google Friend Connect or other social media (see sidebar).

Till next time...
~Alice W.

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