Spring Mantel Vignette: Homage to the Artist + a Free Printable!

Spring is a time of renewal. 
An awakening of my creative soul that has been going a little stir crazy staying indoors.

The weather warms up and I can go outside to paint furniture or open windows and finally start painting rooms throughout my home (something I have been longing to do for quite awhile). I can stroll through my backyard to find bits of nature to inspire my creations. My children can explore and find beauty in all the life blooming around us.

In honor of this season, I created a mantel vignette paying "homage to the artist".
 My grandmother was an amazing artist. Seeing her paintings never ceases to inspire me. I was blessed to be given many of her art supplies and incorporated them into this display. She is alive and doing fairly well these days at 88, but no longer paints as she once did. 

The creative spirit she had moves through me though. 
And I see it in my children.

These palettes were hers, as well as the oil paints, linseed oil, tools and brushes. It is honor to have these in my home.
My grandmother's favorite color is blue. I added blue hydrangeas, faux eggs, and a sheet of pale blue drawing paper in recognition of that.
The artistic gene runs all through my family. My sister did these beautiful charcoal drawings in college. They remind me of Matisse. One of my favorite painters of all time. 
The rustic, old egg basket adds a subtle spring touch.
Stacked suitcases, trunks and a metal box fill the interior of the mantel.
This will actually be the last mantel vignette that I will have to share here on my blog.
From my dining room anyways.

 I had this set up early in the week, but since that time, I have done a lot of rearranging. I have decided to put the mantel in our master bedroom to switch things up. I am very excited that I am getting closer to getting that room completed! I will definitely do a reveal post once it is finished.

Just because the warm weather still seems weeks away, that does not stop us from creating around here. The same day that I created this mantel vignette, I set my 2 1/2 year old, Hazel, up with a large canvas, one of my grandmother's palettes, and some paint.
Now, we have this stunning abstract painting proudly displayed in our living room.
There truly is an artist within all of us, if only we take the time to cultivate it.

I am so thrilled to be joining up with the very talented bloggers of Seasons of Home for the Spring Edition: Blooming with Color.

Blooming with Color Tour via Town and Country Living





It is such a privilege to be alongside such amazing women. 
I hope you will visit each of them to see their spring decorating and inspiration.

I also have a little something for you for visiting me today. I made a free 8x10 printable with one of my favorite Matisse quotes. I actually took this design from the vintage wallpaper in my upstairs bathroom! 
You can see that in the post here.
Click on the link below to view the printable and download:

Save the file to your computer, print and enjoy! 
(Free for personal use only. No selling or for use in graphic designs of blogs, websites, etc.)

Till next time...happy almost spring!
~Alice W.

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  1. Oh- I love that mantle. How clever is that? What a great idea -just a very artistic (literally) take on it! xo Diana

  2. Hi Alice, It was a lovely idea to do an artist vignette and it's wonderful that you could use your grandmother's art supplies to create it. I'm sure that would make her very happy.

  3. Beautiful Alice!!! Your images are stunning as always:). Have a happy day, Jen-City Farmhouse

  4. Well, this would definitely bring tears to your grandma's eyes, did mine! Seeing her old palettes, paints & brushes makes me very nostalgic. I was always amazed at the beautiful portraits she painted. This is beautifully put together and what a wonderful tribute to the family artist gene, that unfortunately passed over me, but fortunately went straight to you girls. It makes me so proud when I see both my talented daughter's artwork and now my very talented grand-daughter's artwork too!

    Love you,

  5. Alice, this mantel is so beautiful. I love the homage to your grandmother. She sounded like such an amazing person and artist. It is so important to keep the memory of those we love alive. Your sisters drawings are stunning too. I completely believe that there is an artist in us all. LOVE the abstract your daughter did. Beautiful!

  6. Well, you know I just love this mantel to no end...just beautiful and meaningful. I am honoured to be sharing the stage in this little series with you...xo

  7. I absolutely love this...I am an artist so I can appreciate your Grandmother's treasured supplies. I also value and collect items dear to me from my Grandmothers and Grandfathers.

    I homeschooled my four children and they had drawing pencils and paints in hand as soon as they could walk. They are all amazingly artistic. My last two children finished school at our public H.S and won many awards in Art shows. My daughter was accepted to the Academy of Arts in S.F but chose to go to a local University to pursue her dream of becoming a Vet. My son is in college majoring in Architectural Engineering. My other daughter is a writer, has been an Editor in Chief for both college newspaper and campus journal. She won one of the highest awards/scholarships and is now finishing her English degree at UC Berkeley. And my oldest son is a full-time Carpenter since age 16. So I love to see that you are allowing your children the freedom to create at such a young age! You never really know what may come of it.

    1. That is awesome Kerrie! Thanks for sharing. Hazel too has been "drawing" and creating in some form or another since she was a baby. I can't help but bring creativity into their lives every single day!

  8. Alice,

    I'm so glad to have found your blog...I followed your other one years ago and absolutely loved your writing. And this mantel, so creative (as it were!). Your grandmother's palette is a work of art in itself. I see the gene is in your daughter as well. Crayons and watercolor finger paintings were a constant around here years ago. One of my daughters (the one who loved to create) is an interior designer and the other, the one who loved to read, is an English teacher. We need to help our kids cultivate their blessings!

    I can't wait to see your bedroom reveal!! :)


    1. I am so glad you found me again Jane! Thank you!

  9. so pretty Alice! Those palettes are inspiring in themselves. I've been a severe creative slump this is inspiring to me. I am glad to find you again! I won one of your giveaways years ago. My little one is now 6 and the other day as she was twirling around the room said she wants to do art ---she has always been in the room whenever I did something either painting, mixed media, or just putting bits of papers together. Its a great way to spend time with each other even if she is the one doing all the talking :)

  10. What a beautiful tribute to the artists in your family!

  11. Alice this is truly beautiful, so inspiring. And thank you for the printable!

  12. An inspired mantel, Alice. I love it. My dad painted in oils and I'm sure he gave his artist supplies away long ago - or maybe he didn't? Your post reminds me that I would love to have them some day.


  13. Love your mantel. Also totally love Hazel's artwork and that you display it! Have a wonderful day!

  14. Alice this is breathtaking. Really, truly.

  15. How absolutely fabulous that you have your Grandmother's art supplies!!! And, she is still here and doing well, what a blessing, have you photographed her?

  16. I have been on the hunt for an old artist palette - how lucky that you have your grand mom's! Love your mantel - makes me wish I would have saved all of my (very bad) oil paintings and paints from high school!


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