Friday, March 7, 2014

Trendy Thrift Store Finds

I have found my style evolving a lot within the last couple of years. Blogging friends who knew me "way back when" (circa 2007-2010), will recall how much I loved everything to be white and "shabby chic". I even had a website for a short time that I called Painted White. Which is what I liked to do with most everything in those days.

While, I still enjoy a neutral palette, I am drawn more and more to bold patterns, textures and colors. I am enjoying bringing accent pieces into my home that add another dimension to the neutral background. I have also been drawn to darker things as well these days. In fact I actually have the urge to paint some things black (namely my stairs and railing, as well as the sideboard my TV is on - I am thinking Miss Mustard Seed's 'Typewriter' Milk Paint for that one).
Pinterest probably played a huge role in this change. When I first joined, I found myself drawn to interiors that weren't my "normal" style and loved them. I made a board called "an eclectic home" some time ago, and I think it is still one of my favorite boards to find inspiration.

Even though I know it is "super trendy" I love anything ikat. I am also loving Aztec and Navajo inspired decor. The other day, I went out to a thrift store to see if I could accomplish my goal of finding some "trendy" things for a steal. I knew that I could easily head over to Marshall's, Target, or the like, and get what I wanted easily. But I just don't work that way. I like a hunt. I went to a local thrift store and searched and searched. And searched some more. Found a few things here and there. Nothing that was really grabbing my attention though.
And then I found this cute fleece blanket new in the package. I thought $4.99 was a bit pricey for a thrift store (I'm cheap, what can I say!), but I bought it and am so glad I did. I love the colors and pattern.
And while it is not "colorful", I also happened upon an awesome lamp. I have been wanting a new lamp for our living room for quite some time and planned on heading down to Home Goods one day to get one. I ended up finding this one at the thrift store for $9.99. It is definitely newer and quite a deal compared to the ones I had been looking at previously.
Here is a little glimpse into "real life" for you.
There is always someone climbing on the couch. And we always have toys strewn about the floor, and excess pillows and blankets piled up. The little monkey you see here is the fine artist who did the abstract painting also featured in this post. Read more about that here.
I would love to hear about your latest, greatest thrift store find! Let me know in a comment below. I love to hear from you!

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