5 Tips for Managing Without a Foyer

A couple of weeks ago I shared my informal entryway that opens directly into the living room. Today, I am going to share five tips that make this area work, since I know that I am not the only unfortunate one who doesn't have a grand entrance, right? And often times, it can be one of the most difficult spaces to organize and decorate.

I have a small round up of inspiring bloggers and/or interior decorators who have managed to make their small entryways work for them. I hope you enjoy a peek into each of their homes and find these tips useful if you are in a similar situation.

1. Keep it clear and uncluttered
Liz Marie of Liz Marie Blog has done an excellent job of keeping her small entryway clear and uncluttered. Guests can come into her beautiful space unencumbered. If you have a lot of shoes, coats, etc. that need to stay in this area, try to keep them orderly and out of the walking path. I personally know how difficult this can be, but there is nothing worse than having visitors trip over or need to move things out of the way when they come in. (Most recently Liz Marie has added a beautiful bench to her entryway, which only serves to make the space even more functional and beautiful.)

2. Hang a coat rack

The coat rack in my own small entryway, is by far and away the most useful item. Liz Marie has a similar one that has a great look, while being functional at the same time. And don't think you need to spend a lot of money on one! A wooden board and some hooks and you are all set.

3. Add a mirror
If your space allows, add a mirror near the front door. If you are able to display a large mirror, it can make the space feel more open. And it's always nice to be able to check how you look before running out the door! I paid a visit to my cousin Sue's home recently. She has always had a knack for decorating and using over-sized elements in her decor.
She has a very large mirror next to her front door. You might be afraid to add something so large in a small space, but don't be! It makes an impressive statement.

(I have more coming from her home in a future post, including her clock gallery wall and an Annie Sloan chalk paint dresser before and after, so stay tuned!)

4. Create unique storage solutions
Another way to best utilize the space of a small entryway is by getting creative with storage. Jennifer of Town and Country Living has a beautiful old farmhouse without a foyer. She added a desk near the front door where she can hold keys and drop off mail. This simple arrangement acts to separate the entry from the living room.
Lucy of Craftberry Bush has also found a way to get creative with storage in her entryway. This beautiful creation consists of a bench, cubbyholes, hooks and shelves. It offers so much in the way of useful storage while being beautiful to look at as well.

As I previously shared in my entryway, a creative storage solution has been to create a cubbyhole from an old crate for my toddlers' shoes. They love being able to grab them quickly when it is time to go "bye bye"!

5. Add welcoming touches
Last, but definitely not least, add some welcoming touches and decor to liven up the space. Often times, people neglect this area, but it is the first impression that guests have as they enter. Don't neglect it.
Lucy has added some creative elements that are sure to inspire and delight those who enter her door.
In my own entryway, I have a framed chalkboard printable to welcome guests that can easily be changed out every season. I also exchange out the frame for different artwork or old signage, whenever I feel a change up is in order. This helps to keep this space fresh and inviting.

*   *   *   *   *

I hope you find these tips useful if you have a small entryway. I would be very eager to hear any additional tips you may have! Please share in a comment below. 

All photographs within this post were used with prior permission. If you would like to pin them to Pinterest, please visit the respective blogger's site and pin directly from there. Thank you!

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  1. Your ideas are amazing! I love how you featured other's entryways. All are so beautiful.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks for letting me include you Lucy!

  3. Great Ideas!! I am always trying to figure out my entryway. Coming over from House on the Way. Cheers!

  4. So many wonderful ideas! No grand foyer here. Thanks for sharing!

    Gigi @ Old World Patina

  5. Alice, love these ideas. This is the first home that I have had a foyer. Everything you shared gave the entry a warm and welcome feeling.

  6. This is a very helpful post. I'm in the process of creating a "mudroom" minus the actual mudroom, lol. Shelves and storage bins do wonders!


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