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Hazel's Vintage Nursery {a look back}

I am excited to share with you the second in my {a look back} series, where I am sharing snippets from life when I was away from blogging. One thing that I never got around to sharing during that time, was Hazel's nursery, so I am going to now!
I had so many hopes and dreams for this room before she was born. Lots of plans were made and vintage items collected just for this special space that I wanted to create for my first child. I knew I wanted it to be cream and white with neutral, vintage touches throughout.

When she was born at 31 weeks, and then spent the first 50 days of life in the NICU, all of that changed. (You can read more about that difficult journey over here).

I actually never got her nursery "all together" until she was over a year old. Life was crazy and hectic and it just didn't happen. And even now that she is almost three and shares this room with her brother, it is still a work in progress. But here is peek at what it was like when it was all hers.

There are a lot of photos, so I hope you are ready for this!

This is what we had to work with when we moved in (wish I had taken pics from the other angle then, but I guess I forgot):
The first thing that we did before we even moved in, was rip up the old, dingy carpet. The pine flooring underneath was in pretty rough shape and had been painted brown around the edge of the room.

My husband painted the whole floor pale gray (a dream of mine before owning a home).

The room was pale blue which wasn't bad, but I wanted a neutral color. I chose an ivory with just the faintest touch of pink, called "Lip Balm."
The window was awful as well. I hated it. It was moldy and always had condensation built up in it. I couldn't stand that it was a crank window and was so high up, she would never have been able to see out of it! We hired my father-in-law to replace it for us, and it is one of the best things that we have done to improve this house.
After searching high and low on the internet and in stores for the "perfect" vintage looking crib, that was also affordable, I went with the Jenny Lind crib in white. Hazel watched as her daddy put it together for her.
At the time, I didn't have a wide angle lens, so unfortunately, I don't have any full room shots from that time. I hope you can put it all together by seeing views from each section of the room. I also rearranged the space several times (and still do), so some of these photos show the crib (and other items) in various locations in the room.
I created an unconventional canopy with an old lace tablecloth stuffed with tulle and twinkling lights. I really wanted it to be magical and romantic for my sweet girl.
Instead of a traditional mobile, I created two coffee filter pomander balls (I shared a tutorial on my typepad blog for dyed ones). For these, I used plain white filters for one and recycled light brown filters for the other. They actually didn't take long at all to make and were much easier than the first from the older tutorial (if there is interest, I can share a new tutorial for these - just let me know in a comment!).
I also added a glittered Eiffel tower and dream banner.
My husband made this rocking horse when he was in high school, so it is one of the most treasured items in the room.
The theme of the room gradually changed from vintage neutrals to more of a "vintage whimsical storybook." 
I have a large collection of Beatrix Potter items and included them around the room, along with other girly vintage finds.
The old white bookshelf was a flea market find. We sealed it in case the original paint contained lead.
I filled it up with lots of old treasures.
Looking back now it was way too busy. I have simplified it a bit since then, but sometimes it is hard to know when to quit. Anyone else out there have that problem with decorating? It is definitely a fine line keeping collections from turning into clutter, especially when you have so many things you love and want to display.
This antique teddy bear is one of my favorite finds for the room. It actually makes a squeaky noise when you squeeze him. Pretty remarkable that it still works!
The old baby scale was another flea market find (for only $5!).

A little tiara for The Princess.
Next to the bookshelf, we hung an old board with the original hooks, that came from my mother's house. I filled it with my collection of vintage Christening gowns and dresses.
I lined the top with antique cabinet cards of babies and children.
This tiara is the one that I wore at my wedding.
And the gown in the front was actually worn by my mother and her siblings at their baptisms. I love adding family heirlooms throughout my home.
I put an antique trumeau mirror at the entrance of the room with a cast iron bird coat rack.
The coat rack is down low so that she can reach it easily.
The old door is original to the house and fairly shabby, but it adds lots of vintage character.
The wall opposite the bookshelf was empty for a long time. Eventually I had my husband hang this vintage shelf. I kept the decor neutral with some feminine vintage details.
The front photograph is of Hazel the first day that we brought her home. The one behind is my mother (on the left) and two of my aunts.
I bought the old rocker at a yard sale for $10. Back then it sat in the opposite corner of Hazel's crib.
I do not know why I didn't close the curtain to hide the ugly air conditioner...but there you have it real life. 
A couple of years before I had Hazel, I went to an antique store called Aged in the Hills that is owned by one of my mom's friends. This adorable stroller and antique doll were there at the time and I didn't purchase them, even though I really wanted to. When I went back a couple of years later, they were still there, so I snatched them up!

I love seeing how much joy all of these vintage touches and special creations bring to my sweet girl.
This room has changed a lot in the past several months and is now Hazel and Owen's room. I hope to share how it looks now soon! Be sure to follow me by email to stay up with all of my posts!

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