Monday, May 12, 2014

Cabin Dreaming & Summer Wishes

Lately I have had a serious case of cabin fever.

Not the kind where I have been stuck inside.

I have been getting out plenty.

I have the kind of cabin fever where I desperately want to get myself a rustic cabin. 
I think it was last fall when the desire came. Right before Christmas. And the passion for it has grown ever since.

A lovely little rustic cabin tucked away in the woods. Yes, that is what I have been day dreaming about.
But since a small, rustic, cabin in the woods, isn't on the horizon for me, I decided to create a rustic "cabin style" back patio for my family to enjoy this summer.

And strive to find "cabin" beauty all around me in my own backyard, of which there seems to be plenty.
I added some vintage finds for the little ones to play with, which they have been enjoying.
We have already been eating out here quite a bit. Both kids love that. And I love when it is grilling season, and my husband does most of the cooking.
Every day the kids and I have been exploring the backyard. Looking for chipmunks, caterpillars, butterflies. 

You name it

While I have been looking for beauty in our humble surroundings.
I have many things on my wish list for this summer. I hope we can get further along on some of our house projects (mainly our kitchen renovation). 

I also want to start reading for pleasure again. It has been so long, I can't even remember the last time I picked up a good book.
Most of all, this summer I want to be grateful for every moment that we have together.  

Fill my little ones' days with wonder. 

Love my husband. 

Enjoy my home and my surroundings. 

Find beauty in the simple things.
What is on your summer wish list? I would love to hear what your hopes and plans are.

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Till next time...
~Alice W.