Father's Day Gift Jar: "Dad's Stache" Free Printable!

So, call me cheap, but I am always trying to think of inexpensive, diy projects for my husband for Father's Day. I mean, he has only been a dad for three years, so I am still "new" at figuring how to approach this holiday with him. He is seriously the hardest person to get gifts for. Last year, I completely cleaned and organized a section of our basement so that he could use it as a workbench for projects and what not. That was nice until it became a storage spot awhile later. Sigh.

This year I thought that it would be fun for the kids to give him a candy jar. I am always finding candy wrappers in his pockets when I do the laundry. He must get it all from work because we normally don't have much in the house.

But now he will have his own "stache." 

I love all of the KG Flavor & Frames fonts, and one of them has mustaches in it. I thought that would be perfect for creating a cute chalkboard label.
I used a glass jar that I had purchased at a thrift store and printed the design out on a label sheet so that I could adhere it easily.

Label sheets are great to have because you can basically turn any design into a sticker. I normally use them for shipping packages but often for crafting as well. The current batch I have is so much cheaper than the kind you find at office supply stores (which I used to buy regularly). These are the particular ones that I am using: 200 Half Sheet Shipping Labels for Laser/InkJet 5-1/2" x 8-1/2" (Same size as Avery 5126) *affiliate link.
Recently, I had purchased several rolls of chevron washi tape from A.C. Moore and decided to use it as an embellishment by simply taping it around the neck of the jar. So easy and cute!

Amazon has lots of fun styles and colors for washi tape(*affiliate link). Here are some of my favorites* for this particular project:

We filled up the jar with lots of candy that my husband is sure to love and voila: a fun (and easy) gift for Dad! You could fill up the jar with anything you know your husband or dad loves.
It's a sweet and simple gift that can even be done (heaven forbid!) at the last minute. (I am a big time  procrastinator, so I know how that goes.)
After I came up with this idea, put it together and photographed it, I decided to look on Pinterest for DIY Father's Day gifts and wouldn't you know it, someone else already came up with this exact idea. Bummer. It's always kind of a let down when you realize your creative ideas aren't that unique, am I right? Sigh.

Ah well...guess it just goes to show that great creative minds think alike.

If you want to make this little gift for Dad, click on the link below to get the full size printable (currently at 8"x10" but you can make it smaller for putting on a jar or making into a gift tag. I printed mine off around 3"x4" to fit on this particular jar).

I hope you enjoyed this and will come back again soon! I love sharing my ideas with you (even when I find out from Pinterest that someone else already came up with them...haha).

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Till next time...
~Alice W.

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  1. How cute! Love this idea, but we need MOM'S stache in this house. Lol I love chocolate!

  2. Such a great idea! Thanks for sharing!

  3. This is really cute! I just made one for my dad [because Father's Day is this week Sunday here in Australia] :)

    ~ Ani

  4. Love this! Any way we could get a Grandpa's Stache printable??

  5. Yes, would love a "Papa's Stache" for my dad!

  6. If I downloaded it where do you get it printed at to look so nice like that

    1. I linked to the exact label paper that I used in the post ;) I simply printed it at home on a regular ink jet printer!


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