Happy Birthday to My Mom {& a review}

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My wonderful mother's birthday was back on June 17th. She celebrated it with Hazel, Owen and me at our house. They love a birthday party, so we had fun coming up with some "surprises" for her before she came, including the kids' homemade cards, streamers and balloons.

I always love finding the perfect card for any occasion. I used to spend loads of time in card aisles reading them and choosing that one that is just "the one." I don't have too much time to do that these days with two kids under three, so thankfully, there are other options.
I love creating my own designs and incorporating my photos. Sometimes though, life gets hectic and I just don't have the time to do all that work. Which is where Cardstore.com comes in handy! When they approached me about doing a review of one of their photo cards, I knew just who it would be for: my mom! I mean, seriously, who loves pictures of my kids more than her?

When I logged onto the website, I was immediately impressed with the creative selection of cards. I enjoyed my time on the site because it is very well laid out and has a fun design. Even uploading images is enjoyable on there (which can be tedious and boring), because a cute graphic pops up while you wait saying, "Something sweet is happening." I loved that.
I chose the "Photo Collage on Chalkboard" birthday card design because I could add so many images to it, which I knew my mom would love. On the inside, I was pleased that I could completely customize it. I chose a sweet quote that I found about grandma's and added another picture of the kiddos. I also loved the selection of fonts available, so I played around with those when designing my card. I added another picture to the back and a tiny note from me. And voila! A perfect card for Grandma.

My only critique of the card, once it arrived, was that the photos were a bit grainier than I prefer (since I love seeing my photos crisp and clean). I am not sure if that was because of the style of card that I chose and/or because it had a matte finish, but it didn't bother my mom at all. She teared up when she opened it and will certainly be keeping it forever!

I had the card shipped directly to me because I wanted Hazel and Owen to be able to hand it to her in person, but the cool thing is that you could make it online and have it shipped directly to the recipient if preferred. How much easier can it get?

Here are some of my other favorites that you might enjoy as well!
Buy 2 Cards, Get 1 Free at Cardstore! Use Code: CCH4621. Valid through 6/24/14. Shop Now!

Buy 2 Cards, Get 1 Free at Cardstore! Use Code: CCH4621. Valid through 6/24/14. Shop Now!

Buy 2 Cards, Get 1 Free at Cardstore! Use Code: CCH4621. Valid through 6/24/14. Shop Now!

They have a great deal that ends today (the 24th), so stock up on some personalized cards that will surely impress family and friends!
Buy 2 Cards, Get 1 Free at Cardstore! Use Code: CCH4621. Valid through 6/24/14. Shop Now!

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Till next time...
~Alice W.

*Cardstore.com provided this photo card free of charge to me in exchange for this review. All opinions  are 100% my own. My mom truly loved this card! As an affiliate of Cardstore, I may receive a small commission for any sales made through links in this posts. The cost to you remains the same.


  1. What an adorable card! I know how thrilled your mom was because I know how thrilled I would be to receive one!! :)

    1. yes, she loved it Sandi! but c'mon those kids are pretty cute, right? {grin}

  2. Cute card ... and I love the names of your beautiful children!

  3. Thanks again, I absolutely loved my card, love all the pics, it's hanging on the fridge and will probably remain there until it's replaced (wink, wink)! I couldn't have had a happier birthday, love those little darlings and you too honey. I am truly blessed!!

  4. Great card! Happy birthday to your mom! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  5. I LOVE the card, Alice! Your mom will treasure it forever. I am going to have a peek at the website. My husband's birthday is coming up. Thanks! :)



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