Sunday, July 6, 2014

A Little Christmas in July...{a look back} & a Link Up Party!

If you are a Hallmark junkie like me, then you know that this week they are running their "Christmas Keepsake Week" with lots of their holiday movies showing every day and night. I can't get enough. I love watching those cheesy, feel good movies, not matter what time of year it is!

Now, I know that some of you are like me and enjoy keeping the Christmas spirit alive all year, and others don't want to hear about it until after Thanksgiving. If you are the latter...I am afraid you won't like this post much. I can respect that.

But in honor of the "Christmas in July Spirit" that is coursing through my veins right now, I thought I would take you back to a Christmas past with me if you care to go. I also decided to host an impromptu "Christmas in July" party for you to link up your own Christmas posts! (Link up info at the end of this post.)

Back in 2011, the year that my daughter Hazel was born, she was six months old at Christmas time (four months adjusted for being born a preemie). It was a crazy time for me. I had given birth to a preemie, spent the summer in the NICU, and then the entire fall I had the worst bout of postpartum depression. But by the time Christmas rolled around, life was starting to get better. I didn't blog much then, though so I never shared pictures of our Christmas decor.

I actually didn't decorate too much that year, but did do a few things. I had a small white tree in a galvanized bucket. It was decorated with silver and white ornaments and strands of pearls.
No star or angel on top, but rather a burlap bow.
The tree had some lovely handmade religious ornaments that I purchased from Ozma of Odds.
I had my favorite P√®re Noel greeting visitors near the front door.
And in my corner shelf (that you can view more of here), I had a rustic crate with some vintage Christmas touches.
Our mantel was still dark brown at the time and in the living room then. I filled antique mason jars with faux snow, chalkware figures, and bottle brush trees. Unfortunately, I didn't take a full picture, just this one detail shot.
(You can see a full shot the following year here when our mantel was white and moved into the dining room.)
In the kitchen, I added a tiny bit of Christmas charm with letter tiles spelling out "Joy" and another little putz house on the center island.
So that was a jolly little walk down Christmas memory lane! I hope that you enjoyed it! (and if you didn't...bah humbug! :) 

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And now for the Christmas in July Link Up Party! 
If you have older Christmas posts that you shared in years previous, dig them up and share them here! I would love to see how you decorated in years past. Or if you are a crazy Christmas fanatic and keep the spirit alive all year with new posts, please link those up as well. I will put together a round-up from these links to share later in the month! I look forward to getting Christmas in July inspiration from you!

Till next time...
~Alice W.