Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Changes Around the House: Embracing Your Personal Style

Our individual styles in interior decorating are always growing and evolving. For some of us, trends come and go, and we ride along enjoying them for a time and then moving on to the next...and the next...and the next. Just like fashion. Sometimes it is hard to pin point your own personal home decor style when you find your preferences changing.

Do you stay in the box you have always been...or do you branch out to try something new?
I can remember the first time I really "knew" my style. It was during a summer home from college when I discovered Rachel Ashwell's Shabby Chic and Romantic Homes magazine. I was in love. I stayed in love with that style for many years. I think back now to some of my decorating choices then and cannot believe it (or that my husband let me "girl it up" like that!). I painted things pink, had china and knick-knacks everywhere and roses galore...eeek.

Then, I moved into a love of white and romantic: all shades of white, feminine, vintage and chippy,

Then rustic farmhouse: old scales, crocks, burlap, etc. Eventually, industrial found its way in.

Over a year ago, I found myself increasingly drawn to what I would call eclectic bohemian style. For me that involves kilim rugs and pillows, tribal patterns, rich colors and textures, large leafy plants, succulents and cacti, cozy, lived-in spaces (especially cabin style), less cluttered, and mid-century modern furnishings. I had been hesitant to move in this direction in my home though, for fear of what others would think. Not only in my "real life" but here on my blog as well.

What if you don't like coming to my blog anymore?

What if you aren't inspired?

Can I move on and grow and change and have people still want to visit me here?

Do I have to stay in a box that I am "known for" forever?

These are the questions that have gone through my mind from time to time.

I'm just a wife and mom living in the country in Western New York afterall. Not a single girl living in a Brooklyn apartment or a hipster in a California bungalow. I drive a minivan for goodness' sake.
Maybe my style should just stay put.

But eventually, I couldn't anymore. And I started allowing myself to remember that finding your personal style is a journey. Not a destination. One that takes a lifetime of evolvement with no end. Only new beginnings.
I started small, with these pillows that my husband bought for me because he knew I loved them.
Then it was adding plants, different textures and eclectic accessories. Little bits at a time. Trying things out that were not my comfort zone "niche."
Most recently, I was on a mission to find a new rug for the living room. I wanted something with a bold pattern and style. One day at the flea market, a large, rolled up rug caught my eye and went to inquire about it. Two-hundred. For a budget-minded mom that sounded like a lot to fork over. I decided to think on it and came back later offering $150. We settled at $185 and home with me it came.
It is an enormous kilim rug and definitely much bolder than anything I have ever had before. It is taking some time to adjust to the jolt of red color, but I love the patterns, muted shades of gray and mustard yellow. I am not sure it will be a permanent fixture in the living room, but for now it has brought an exciting change.
I am most drawn to eclectic and bohemian styles right now because together they seem to work well with a tight budget and young children in our home. I can keep things casual and inexpensive. I like that. I want to create an environment where my children's imaginations can run wild and there aren't a lot of "restrictions" on what they can and can't touch. I want this to be as much their home as it is mine.

So if you find your style evolving, but you are afraid to take the next step my advice is: follow your heart. 

Start small, maybe a throw pillow or an art print. Something that doesn't cost a lot, in case you change your mind. Test it out for awhile. See how it sits with you. Then move on to bigger things, as you feel ready and find the pieces that you know you love. Eventually, you may find yourself surrounded by a new style, but one that speaks to you and where you are on this journey.

I put together a mood board with some elements that fit into my idea of "Eclectic Bohemian" that I hope you will enjoy!

Eclectic Bohemian Style Inspiration Sources
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Today I am also guest blogging at Yellow Bliss Road sharing 5 Tips for Kid Friendly Decor:
You can see more views from my living room and the changes that I have been making around the house! I would love for you to pop over, and visit me there!

For more inspiration follow my Pinterest board: eclectic | bohemian, and my Amazon affiliate shop* to see what decor I am loving these days!

What style are you drawn to right now? Have you found yourself leaning towards something new...a style you haven't been attracted to before? I would love to hear!

Till next time...
~Alice W.

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