Friday, July 18, 2014

Revamping my Blog & Etsy Shop!

Some of you may notice a slightly new look around here! I spontaneously got the urge to give my blog a little lovin' this week, and created a new header and sidebar graphics. I also updated my about me Meet Alice with a new section of facts about me (in case you are interested ;). I incorporated my own hand drawn feathers and arrows into my blog might recall from these plates? I had so much fun working on it all that I got the itch to start dabbling in graphic design again.

A few (or more) years ago, I used to do lots of graphic design work including websites, blog designs, logos, etc. but it became so stressful keeping up with it all and so time consuming that I ended up closing that business down. Since then I have only done graphics for myself or my free printables here on my blog.

Now, I am starting again...but only with art. I have already started listing many of my new digital art prints on Etsy. The best part? They are available for instant download so the cost is very low! Only $5 for most. And you get it right after you pay. Then print it on your own or send it off to get printed. (My favorite printing company is!*)

Here are my first listings. I have so many ideas for more and even spent some time this week hand drawing some more graphics to make my designs truly unique! So check in and see what is new from time to time!

I wanted to do some with my feather designs...and ended up making two versions of this style:

And who doesn't love good song lyrics? This one is inspired by Mumford and Sons:

I have been inspired to completely redo the kids' room and want to incorporate some funky art in it, so I made this for my little man, Owen. With a quote from one of my all time favorites, Oh the Places You'll Go by Dr. Seuss.
"Kid You'll Move Mountains" 

(I am working on a special one for Hazel but it isn't done yet! I will share it here when it is!)

For the adventurer in us all and to give you some hope every morning:

And one more for the littles ones. The heart garland was a graphic that I found in an antique children's book...just tweaked it a little:
"If you live to be a hundred, 
I want to live to be a hundred 
minus one day 
so I never have to live without you." 

I hope you enjoyed checking out my latest artwork! Thanks so much for stopping by!

Till next time...
~Alice W.

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*As an affiliate member of, I may receive a small commission for any referrals made through these links. They really are my favorite printing company though! I use them all the time!


  1. Wow, Alice, your blog looks so beautiful-you are so clever and so very very stylish! I love it!

    Best wishes,
    Natasha in Oz

  2. They are all beautiful! You are so talented! My favorite is the Awake My Soul print. I love Mumford and Sons!!!!

  3. Ha! Love the Mumford and Sons print (and the boys in general). So glad I came across your blog today.

  4. Love the wild and free !!!! xoxo

  5. Alice! love love....great art work!

  6. Hon, you're really good! I hope you have great success. You just keep doodling. I sure wish I had your talent!

  7. Love your new blog look and your personal note on about you page. I too am a perfectionist and strive to be that and I too feel like I come up short. I have to say I have never felt that way when I visit your little site. You always inspire and your heartfelt posts warm my heart. You artwork is gorgeous as ever.

  8. Alice, I absolutely love the look of your blog! The muted colors and vintage feel…perfection!

  9. Great news at the right time! The revamp should be a welcome move, not only for your online presence, but for the added appeal of your stuff as well. Your designs and products will get an added freshness to attract more eyes. Cool move all around. All the best!

    Clwyd Probert @ Whitehat

  10. Revamping your website is like remodeling your house; it takes time and effort just to dictate the ambiance and to make it homey. And it seems like you’ve done a great job in redesigning your website, Alice! It definitely suits your business and the crafts that you promote. I’ll be looking forward to checking out more of your creative products in your future updates. Have a great day!

    Della Meyer @ Spark Local Marketing


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