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The Best Potty Training Books for Kids

If you have a child of potty training age, here are six books that he or she is sure to love. Hopefully they will bring some encouragement to the process. My three year old thinks they are the best!
My daughter, Hazel, just turned three back on June 30th. If you had asked me a year ago if I thought she would be potty trained by now, I would have thought, definitely. 

But...I would be wrong. So wrong. 

Most days we don't even seem close. Other days, I get glimpses of hope. Like last week when she went for the very first time. But that has been the only time.

I never imagined that I would have a child who would be so resistant to "going on the potty", but that's my girl. Has to do things her way. In her time. 

And I am okay with that (because...I am pretty sure she gets that from me.)
I pride myself on not being a "pushy" mom. After studying psychology and learning a bit about child development, I know that doesn't work. I have played it cool. Just casually asking from time to time if she wants to try to go.

"No. I'm not ready yet."

That is her standard answer to me. Okay, kid. If you say so.

And we wait. 

But in the meantime, I realized when I borrowed some "potty books" from the library, that she would become enthralled by them. Obsessed even. 

Her top favorite of all time is the original Once Upon a Potty. The main character, Joshua, learns how to use the potty (which actually looks like a chamber pot in the book) at his own pace. She LOVES this book. She loves Joshua. (Maybe because that is her dad's name?) This book is very frank and real. Simple and to the point. I think Hazel appreciates that. Therefore, Once Upon a Potty is at the top of our list!

Once Upon a Potty - Boy by Alona Frankel (*affiliate link)
Since the original came out, now they have boy and girl versions. Prudence is the name of the girl. There aren't any differences between the two other than the name. When I purchased the girl version, I found that Hazel still prefers the "Joshua Potty Book" so we traded it back in for that one. But some girl's might be more partial to this version.

Once Upon a Potty - Girl by Alona Frankel (*affiliate link)

You can also get the dolls with their own potties, which Hazel received for Christmas last year. We decided to go with Joshua, of course (sorry Prudence).

Another book that Hazel received for Christmas last year was Going to the Potty by Fred Rogers. I remembered my younger siblings reading this one when they were potty training, and Hazel has actually seen Mister Rogers' Neighborhood, so she knows all about him (thank you PBS for this beloved show!). She loves this book too, even if the pictures are dated. There is still something about it that makes it a great choice. Mr. Rogers' gentle encouragement never fails.

Going to the Potty (Mr. Rogers) by Fred Rogers (*affiliate link)

A selection that we first borrowed from the library was My Big Girl Potty by Joanna Cole. Hazel enjoyed reading about "Ashley" and how she learned to use the potty. It's just a basic book about a girl learning to go, but it struck a cord with Hazel. She could relate to Ashley in a different way than she did with Joshua.

My Big Girl Potty by Joanna Cole (*affiliate link)

Another favorite that makes Hazel's list is A Potty for Me! by Karen Katz. Hazel loves all Karen Katz "lift-the-flap" books (we have a ton of them). The flaps make this book fun and interactive. The downside to these kind are that some kids (ahem, like my youngest, Owen) might take a liking to ripping the flaps out. {Insert Hazel's sad face here}.

A Potty for Me! by Karen Katz (*affiliate link)

One day while grocery shopping, I stumbled upon a potty training book that I knew Hazel would enjoy. Potty Time from Sesame Beginnings shares the different stages each of the Sesame Street characters (as toddlers) is at. At the end they can "flush" the toilet, which both of my kids love.

Sesame Beginnings: Potty Time! (*affiliate link)

And finally, the one that has been sitting on our own little potty for the past several months and is currently getting the most action while someone "attempts" to go is Potty Time! By Caroline Jayne Church. We have a couple of other Church books that are some of my favorite's to read to the kids before bed (I love You Through and Through and Goodnight, I Love You* ). We say the characters are Hazel and Owen since they look so much like my kids as cartoon characters (at least we like to think so). This one has a "Flush Me" button that can be used on every page to hear a flushing sound. Anything interactive is always a big hit!

So there is my daughter Hazel's list of best potty training books for kids. If you have a child at this stage in life, I would love to hear what his/her favorites are! Or if you remember some from when your kid's were there, we are always adding to our "potty training" library. Would love to hear your input!

Till next time...(wish me luck with this potty training venture!)
~Alice W.

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