Be You {because you are better at it than anyone else} & a Free Printable!

There is nothing so important in this life than remembering that being you is better than anything else you can be. And nobody else can do it. You are the one and only. It is easy to get caught up in comparison or following the crowds, but our true beauty and loveliness comes from our authenticity.
So today I say, be you. Enjoy yourself. Love yourself. With all of your quirks and imperfections, talents and faults, the good and the bad.

Accept yourself for who you are and remember that you are an amazing child of God.
And I will try to do the same, okay? :) 

I am offering the first image as a free printable for you today! Just click on the link below to save the original 8x10 size to your computer. My watermark does not appear on the large version. Free for personal use only. Thank you!

And my "Be You Tribal Tepee" print is available in my Etsy shop as an instant download for only $5!

I am going to print off the first and put it near my computer (it is an important reminder especially for us bloggers, am I right?). The other will be going in my kid's room when I give it a "geometric - boho - tribal" themed make-over. Stay tuned for that in the near future!


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Till next time...


  1. Everyone needs to be reminded of this from time to time, thanks for reminding me that's it's ok to be my lovely imperfect self:) Have a great rest of your weekend!

    1. Definitely Rhonda! I hope you have a great week!

  2. I pretty much need that reminder everyday. I think I'll print that out right now and hang it next to my desk :)

    1. I am so glad Trish! You are definitely awesome just being you...I can tell even from just recently "discovering" you :)

  3. You are precious. Thank you for sharing your struggles and wisdom. As far as your decorating is concerned, I thought the first time I saw your living room that is was cozy, inviting and was designed by a woman who loves her children. It is obviously a warm welcoming space to make the little ones feel as welcome as adults. You have made a beautiful home for a beautiful family. Bless you.


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