Thursday, September 25, 2014

Romantic Autumn Decorating {a look back}

Those of you who have followed me for a long time know that I am a romantic at heart. And for years, "romantic" was my only style of decorating. I loved anything frilly, girly, vintage, white, and pretty. Even though my style has evolved to be more rustic, eclectic and bohemian, I still enjoy looking back at pretty vignettes from years past. Today, I am sharing some romantic fall decor with you in another installment of my {a look back} series.
First, we are heading back to 2007. Josh and I were in the process, that fall, of moving from our one bedroom apartment to a two bedroom townhouse.

We purchased white pumpkins and lots of little striped ones at a local farmer's market. All of the photos from back then were taken on a little Nikon point and shoot camera that we had. (Editing these photos with Florabella photo actions and my little "hazy trick" really helps them to look a lot better. If you're wondering how I do that, I've been meaning to write a post and will try to share it soon!)
At the time, I didn't mind fake flowers and thought they looked pretty with my fall decor. 
I still love mixing rustic decor pieces, like the grapevine basket and old wooden trunk, with really feminine things, like vintage lace.
We moved a few weeks later to the townhouse, and crazy us decided to host Thanksgiving at our new home. I had two tables set up in our tiny dining area and had to scramble together enough seating for both of our families.

(And I'm not gonna lie...the photos I took of the event are awwwful. I took these in the later afternoon with the lights on. Just wanted to remember it. But again, majorly edited them in Photoshop for your viewing pleasure today.)
Again, with the fake flowers...
I don't know why I didn't just go out and buy some fresh bouquets for the occasion, but we were poor newlyweds so I suppose I was just being my normal "thrifty" self :).
I printed off everyone's names on cardstock and cut them out in the shape of leaves for place cards.
This one is totally blurry, but at least you can see the whole table.
I also created a romantic fall vignette on the dresser opposite the tables that year. I still get white pumpkins every year. Love them. Hoping to go out this weekend and get my loot for decorating this season! Would love to find some pretty blue ones this year.
Now, we will fast forward a few years to 2010. We had just moved into our current home, and I had learned how to use my Cannon DSLR over the previous couple of years (thank goodness).
As a housewarming gift, we received a beautiful floral bouquet, and I went out and got my white pumpkin. Only one that year, since we were basically unpacking and settling into the new place.
I couldn't help myself but take some pretty pics though. We had just painted our upstairs floors gray, so I was really excited!
We also received a bounty of produce and garlic as housewarming gifts that year as well.
I hope you enjoyed this look back into the past at some of my romantic fall vignettes...
Tomorrow, my little man Owen is turning two. Can't believe how fast these years have flown by. We have a super fun "car" party planned for the weekend. I am hoping to get out the following day to get more pumpkins, gourds and some fall decor to fully bring the season into our home. I will be sharing our complete fall home tour on October 9th. Can't wait to share it with you!

Till next time...