Vintage Thread Ball Mini Pumpkins

I am excited to be participating with so many talented bloggers this week in the Festival of Fall hosted by The Everyday Home blog! I am sharing a super easy diy craft that you can make in an afternoon and reuse year after year: mini faux pumpkins made from vintage thread balls.
This project is so easy! All you will need are some vintage thread balls (that you can usually find at thrift stores or antique shops), some small sticks found outside, and green sheet mossor excelsior wood shred (*affiliate links).

I have been collecting old thread balls for ages and always have them stocked up in my art studio.
I love repurposing them into cute, crafty projects whenever an idea strikes, and last year around this time, the pumpkin idea came to mind.
Even without doing anything with them they look cute displayed together, don't they?
For these mini pumpkins, I chose small thread balls, mostly in ecru, that still had the label inside to easily adhere the sticks to.
Start by determining how many you want to make and gather sticks that fit approximately three to four inches above the thread ball once inserted in the center.

Hot glue the bottom of the stick to the bottom label and hold it in place for a few seconds until it is secure.
Gather a  clump of moss or wood shred and create a small hole in the center to go around the stick. Place a small amount of hot glue around the top of the thread ball where the stick meets and gently press the moss or wood shred into it. Use caution not to burn yourself. I usually allow the glue to sit a few seconds and cool a bit before pressing the moss/shred into it.
And that is all! These are so easy and look so cute that I have made dozens of them in the past.
You could use them for Thanksgiving dinner decorations by placing one on each person's plate or display several of them along a mantel with candles in between. The possibilities are many since these are simple. They are rustic, but elegant enough for a fall wedding.
You can make larger versions with big thread balls. They are perfect for farmhouse fall decor.
I hope that you enjoyed this little fall craft project and give it a try!
Doesn't it feel like the season is already flying by? I can't believe it will be October in a couple of weeks and that my baby boy Owen will turn two this Friday! Trying to savor each day as my little ones are growing so quickly.

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Till next time...
~Alice W.

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  1. These are adorable!!! So creative. I've never seen this before. So happy to have discovered your blog through our tour! Your photography is amazing as well. ~Christy

  2. Well, isn't that just the cutest idea ever? I just love them- they are so sweet! xo Diana

  3. These are so cute Alice. Now I'll be on the look out for the thread balls. ;)

  4. love this and i have a ton of thread balls lucky me for finding you through fall tour thanks xx

  5. I love these, Alice! So beautiful and natural in the neutral colors.

  6. alice, i love the simplicity and beauty of these pumpkins. your photos are also very pretty. Happy Fall!

  7. So cute! Thrilled to be on this tour with you... I'm pinning!!

  8. These are the cutest pumpkins...ever! I'm so excited to have found your website and be on the tour with you. Your newest fan Jeanette

  9. What a cute and cleaver this!

  10. Those are SO cute... great pics too! So happy to be on tour with you... PINNED!

  11. These are so cute and unique! Love them:)

  12. These are precious! Pinning :)

    Inviting you to share your pumpkins with my fall themed party Big Autumn Bash:


  13. It may be easy buy it sure is terrific. I'm thinking simple elegence! Great job


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