Boho Chic Living Room Makeover: Finding the Perfect Rug

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Sometimes a room makeover only takes one piece to inspire you. I have had my mind set to transform our living room from rustic farmhouse to more boho chic for several months. I knew that I wanted something major to make the change a new rug.

If you are a regular here, you might recall when I bought a large, vintage kilim rug at the flea market over the summer? I guess that could have done it, but it never felt right in this space. The deep red color was taking over the room, and with the dark sofa and chair we have, it was starting to feel very heavy. My husband kept saying about the rug, "It's just so red." Lesson learned for me with big things: stick to neutrals. That doesn't mean boring though!

I had been seeing a lot of Moroccan style rugs, with loose, lined patterns, all over Pinterest and began an infatuation with them. Seriously...I was going to bed thinking about them (note to self: stop scrolling on Pinterest in bed).

But because rugs can be so pricey, and after the slight buyer's remorse I had with the vintage kilim, I didn't want to make that same mistake again.

I was beginning to think all was lost on achieving this neutral boho chic look in my living room when I couldn't find a rug that would be realistic for our family and still have the style I craved.

One morning, I decided to do a little internet searching to see what I might find, when I happened upon Rugs USA. They were having some crazy good sales (still are!), and as I searched the website, I saw so many stylish rug options.

And then I saw this one: The Marrakesh Shag Natural Rug

It was love at first sight.
It honestly seemed perfect from the pictures on the website, and they had just the right size for our living room. The kilim rug was 8x10 which was way too big for this space (another lesson learned). The Marrakesh Shag from Rugs USA was available in 6'x9' which was perfect.
You can see throughout the images in this post, how beautiful it looks in our lived-in, cozy, eclectic boho living room.
I love how soft it is and that my kids like playing on it. The vintage kilim rug is very rough and scratchy. In fact, my three year old daughter Hazel likes this new one so much, she told me would could "just throw the other one away, Mom." Okay, Kid. (We won't be doing that, but it might end up on Craigslist one day!)
Even my husband keeps saying how much he loves walking on it and gave me a thumbs up on a solid choice.
It makes a great statement in our living room without being overwhelming. I love the diamond pattern and braided fringe on the ends...just enough bohemian flair.
Ahh...yes, I am in love with our new rug. 
In fact, finally having the "for sure" rug in this space, has motivated me to complete the room make-over that I have been attempting in small bits and pieces for the past few months. We are in the process of painting the walls and changing out some decor and furniture. I have a few diy projects up my sleeve for this room makover, so stay tuned for those.

I will be revealing the full space, next Thursday, during my fall home tour. I can't wait! I am so excited to share our fall decorating throughout our humble little home and hope you are inspired for the season.

If you are in the market for a new rug, and digging the boho chic vibe like me, I have pulled together a few of my other favorite rugs from Rugs USA to share with you:

And check out these awesome pillows! Swoon. 

They would probably look pretty perfect in my living room too. Think I might have to get me some of those!

There are so many awesome choices on the site though, you really have to go check them all out for yourself. Right now they have a fall sale going on with crazy discounts on select items for 55%, 60% 70% and 80% off!

Be sure to come back over the weekend to link up at Sundays at Home, and next week, I have a great recipe to share on Tuesday (its sweet and delicious!) and my fall home tour on Thursday! You don't want to miss it ;) so make sure to follow me by email and social media.

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Till next time...
~Alice W.

Source List:
Canyon Ridge Microfiber Sofa from Raymour & Flanigan
Canyon Ridge Microfiber Chair from Raymour & Flanigan
Aztec Pillow Covers from Etsy
Ikat pillow from HomeGoods
Drop Cloth Curtains - tutorial here
Chevron bin from Target
Gray throw blanket from Sears
All other items are vintage, thrift store, and flea market finds

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  1. Alice,

    Your new rug is simply beautiful and I know this is the look you are going for. I can't wait to see your Fall Home Tour. I'm going to check out Rugs USA, I'm looking for a new area rug for my living room and would like to get one by Christmas. Sounds like they have some good sales and choices! :)

    Jane xx

    1. Thanks Jane! I am seriously so in love with it! Thanks for visiting!

  2. Isn't it so wonderful when we get it absolutely right???

  3. Love it! It is so perfect for your space. Can't wait to see the fall home tour!! :)

  4. Hi Alice, I just bought a thrift rug, looks close to new, yet a will take it out to the driveway and wash in to death let dry and then see if it works for me, it's 5" 1/2 x 7" something. I have seen this HGTV show years ago in taking these bright colored rugs even if not all cotton fiber and soap and bleach tossed on the rug to bleach it out to looking old and faded. I am going to do some research to find how this works, and then let you know because this is what I want to do to the rug I found for $29.00. Can't ruin it because old and distressed is what we love best. I think this might work for your to red and darker rug, they bleached it and then they took the ritz dye in that tea stain and pored it all over rubbing it in in areas, then air dry and then hosed it off in the driveway... It was a make over for a home and I loved the effect to the rug! Could

    Could this work on your old rug. That was to dark, and to dramatic to tone it down with age, and could you use the rug for a patio rug when entertaining you could roll it up easy storing when not in use. Oh an I think I saw a rug close to yours with the shag at Target, if you need and accent one somewhere?
    See you soon.

    Oh love the new look in your living room! .... It wows !!


  5. I love it Alice! The braided fringe is so unique. Looks great in your room!

  6. It's just perfect! Love it (and the room). Happy weekend. xo

  7. The lighter rug looks awesome with your style (and great that it is softer for the kids too.) Your room looks so cozy!

  8. Hi Alice! Love your name, it's always been a favorite of mine. I saw some of your beautiful blog entries over the holidays and have just come across it again searching for boho inspiration. Love your blog and your style!

  9. Looking at your new rug makes me want to lie down and luxuriate in it's softness! It looks so cuddly:)

  10. I truly LOVE LOVE LOVE the coziness of your room and the rug embraces it even more so. Beautiful choice! I admire your style and this is done perfectly!!!

    ~ Robin

  11. Did you have a problem with dirt or crumbs getting tangled in the shag? I'm in love with rugs like this as well, but I'm worried about upkeep. How has it been for you? Thanks!

  12. Greetings, Alice! I absolutely love this living room. I just recently purchased this same rug, and I, too, have a similar sofa. May I please have the name of your paint color? It really ties in everything so well. Thank you so much!!!

    1. Hi there. I think when I took these photos the paint color was Valspar "Puff" but I don't know if they make it any longer. Later we painted it BM Revere Pewter which was a darker shade of gray.


  14. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  15. I'm also very curious as to how the rug is maintenance-wise now that you are settled in. We just tossed our old (but very soft shaggy) rug of three years in our family room and it was a bear to clean -- I could tell that all of the dust and crumbs were just stewing in it - our vacuum, which is amazing, was doesn't anything. I love this look but I have read some reviews about high shedding and I know that with my brood of four kids -- there are going to be some crumbs, even if its against the rules to eat in there.... thanks! Would love your honest feedback!

    1. We had that rug for two years, and I just got rid of it. I have found that shag just does not last long as you are sheds a lot and the crumbs are almost impossible to get out. I am replacing it with a lower pile rug that is easier to vacuum and keep cleaned up with the kiddos! I loved the way this one looked though and enjoyed it for the time I had it.


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