DIY Feather Snowflake Ornaments

Last week, I was excited to participate with several other bloggers for a Trim the Tree Party hosted by Clean and Scentsible. I shared an easy diy tutorial for making snowflake ornaments out of feathers. I am sharing the original post here with you today. I hope you enjoy! I only made the four in the post, but am hoping to find some time to do more soon for our tree. I am loving how they look on it!

Here is the original post:
Hello everybody! I am so thrilled to be participating in this week's Trim the Tree Party. I have a super easy ornament tutorial for you today, that looks beautiful on the tree. My style is very eclectic, vintage and bohemian, so my tree this year is what I like to call "boho glam." It is filled with feathers, beads, jeweled pieces and shimmering ornaments. Recently, I decided a few more couldn't hurt, which is when I came up with these feather snowflakes!

Here is what you will need:
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-several small feathers in the color of your choosing - I used 8 - 12 each per ornament
-twine or string
-cardboard pieces cut into small squares
-jeweled embellishments - I chose to use rhinestone buttons and vintage jewelry pieces. You can often find these at thrift stores, antique shops, or purchase them online by searching: salvage jewelry lot.
-glue gun

I gathered up my supplies and found the jewelry pieces that I wanted to use. Some were brooches with the backs already broken off, but I removed them from the ones that weren't.

For the backing, I cut up small cardboard pieces and glued tied strings of thin twine tied in a loop.
I started making the ornaments with just white feathers. I had to cut the feathers down because the ones that I had on hand were bigger than I wanted to fit on the tree.
I glued down four larger feathers in a cross and then four smaller ones in an X to make the snowflake shape.
And then finally, I hot glued the embellishment in the center and the first "snowflake" was done! It is definitely a pretty addition to the tree.
I made a few more to go with it, and mixed up the feathers, including one all brown and one one with white and brown. For that one, I added an additional four feathers to give it a full look.
I hope that you enjoyed this ornament tutorial and give it a try!

Come follow along with me!

Thank you Jennifer for letting me join in on the party!

Till next time...
~Alice W.

This post originally appeared on Clean and Scentsible on December 6th, 2014.

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  1. Great idea! I love how they add interest and texture!

  2. Wow, so pretty! You're killing me though! I want to make the arrow ornaments but haven't gotten to them yet... now I HAVE to make these too! lol!


  3. OMG! This is crazy!! You are never going to believe the thought I had this morning......making flowers with feathers as the petals. Not the same, but a similar idea for feathers! Love your snowflakes!! So pretty! I hope my flowers turn out just as cool!


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