Thrift Store Swap Makeover - #SwapItLikeItsHot 3

When I was invited to another round of Ciburbanity's #SWAPITLIKEITSHOT blog hop, I jumped at the chance. If there is one thing I love, it is the challenge of making over other people's unwanted stuff ;). Thirty-three bloggers went out and purchased items at thrift stores, flea markets, etc. for under $15 and sent them to another who then had the chance to give the item(s) a makeover or decorate with in some way. This round was especially fun, because I received my items from my friend Jennifer of Town and Country Living. I couldn't wait to see what she was going to send me!
If you are visiting from Jennifer's blog, welcome! Be sure to head back and visit her if you haven't! Today, is day four, so if you have missed any of the other bloggers' posts, you will find their links at the end. Loads of makeover goodness awaits you!

When I opened the package Jennifer sent me, I found several unfinished wooden numbers and two bamboo trays. (At least, I assumed they were trays.) These definitely seemed workable but no major makeover ideas stood out to me at first. I have been in a bit of a creative funk lately :( ---> I blame winter.
My first thought was to paint the trays black, so I spray painted the back of one to see how I liked it. I didn't. Grateful it was just the back! Then I left them for awhile to see if any awesome ideas came to mind.

Meanwhile, my children thought they made great "jails". Thank you Disney for teaching my children about jail (I blame either Frozen or Sheriff Callie's Wild West).
 I could have just styled them and called it a day, right? Well, I did do that at first, just for the heck of it.
This one made for the perfect ottoman tray (well at least for styling and then enjoying for an hour or so before the kids woke up from their nap to turn it into a jail again). I filled the tray with old books, antlers, a succulent plant and a candle.
Since there were two, I decided to get a little more creative with the other one. I was inspired by birch bark and decided to paint a faux finish on it to look similar.
I filled it with sheet moss (*affiliate link) and decided to use it as a centerpiece for my spring table decor. Even though I am convinced spring is NEVER coming. Anyone with me?
I filled the tray with a bird's nest and egg, Moroccan style lantern, cast iron bunny and a yellow millinery flower (since real ones are scarce around here right now. I could have run to the store, I suppose, but who wants to go out in 10 degree weather?) 

The chevron table runner is actually just a piece of fabric that I bought at Walmart.
Now it was on to those numbers. There was a random mix of 0's, 1's, 2's, 5's and 7's, so I wasn't exactly sure what to do with them. My house number was in there though, so I knew there could be something to that end. 
I began by painting them with black chalk paint (*affiliate link). Then I sanded them to give a slightly distressed finish. My plan was to attach them to an old wooden board and include the finished piece in a gallery wall (in the works, so stay tuned!). 

We will likely sell this tiny house in a couple of years and move to a bigger place, which I can't wait for some days, but I know I will miss it so much once we are gone. I thought it would be nice to use the house numbers in this way, to always have a reminder of where our family started. 
At first, I planned on gluing them horizontally, but I was working on this with my three year old daughter, Hazel. At one point when I wasn't looking, she turned them vertically, and I loved it. They didn't fit lined up that way, though, so I decided to get a little creative with it. It's kinda quirky, I know, but we all agreed that we liked it this way...even my husband. Ta-da...
I can't wait to add it to a gallery wall, but I liked setting it up in this little vignette for now.
Well, I hope you enjoyed seeing how I transformed my thrifted finds from Jennifer and will now head to the next stop, Our Southern Home. I can't wait to see how Christy used the items that I sent her! They were pretty random. Here is a sneak peek:

Till next time...
~Alice W.

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There are five days of #SwapItLikeItsHot in this round and 33 blogs to visit, so your brain will be filled with all sorts of awesome ideas for making over thrift store and flea market finds!

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  1. First of all, I love what you sent me! Thanks so much. You got some great stuff, too! Love how you rocked your creativity with it.

  2. Great transformations!! The kids in "jail" made me laugh out loud! All of the pieces turned out fantastic, but I especially love the numbers. Thats a piece you will probably treasure for a long time to come!

  3. I have to laugh, Alice. Here I thought your kids would love the numbers ... instead they loved the "jails"!! I was hoping that your house number would be in the numbers I sent ... what are the chances of that though? Love what you did with everything!

  4. amazing job, alice! love the faux birch idea!

    I love your spring setting - it's lovely! And it's fantastic your house number was in that little grouping of numbers.
    I cannot wait to see what everyone else has in store... what a great idea!

  6. Aww, I love the house number project! I might have to copy you!

  7. Your vignettes are the best! Love the sheet moss in the tray (might steal that) and numbers will be such a nice momento whenever you move onwards and upwards! xx

  8. I love what you did with the baskets! Especially the one painted like birch bark - that tablescape is so perfect for spring! And the house numbers sign is so charming!

  9. I love how you used the baskets! The painted one is so pretty!!! And the numbers sign is great too!

  10. I think the staggered numbers look is far less 'boring' than if they were horizontal, that way you can bring it with you to the next home as a slight nod to your current home!

    Somehow I always manage to skim over faux moss in the craft store, but now that I see it in use... no moss will be safe.

  11. This is such a fun swap! I have to go look at some of the other creativity. And you...turning those numbers on end and making them fit like this is true genius! My minds never works that way! Darn! I love the little vignette you made, too!

    Jane x

  12. Ok. I really, really love what you did!! lining the tray in a sheet of moss was brilliant and perfect for spring!

  13. So creative, Alice! I love what you made with these items (your vignettes are always so amazing)! I can't wait to hop over and see what everyone else made, too!

  14. Alice, your Spring-y tablescape is so, so lovely! I can almost feel the temperatures warming up :) The birch bark effect that you gave that tray fits it so perfectly!

  15. great pictures
    very beautiful..

  16. I absolutely LOVE your number sign! Great idea.

  17. Great job Alice!! Luv those baskets and what you did with the numbers was a wonderful idea.


  18. Oh, I would've loved to have been in this challenge. I love to upcycle estate sale finds for my clients and for my modern farmhouse. You did a great job!

  19. Alice, you are seriously sooo creative! And Hazel is clearly taking after you, because I thought it was so clever when I saw the numbers vertical! Wasn't expecting that at all, and it looks great!

  20. I love having numbers as decor, it's totally my style too! Both that and the trays look fun, and you will definitely use them for more than "jail" :-)


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