Choosing the Perfect Leather Sofa {and a Date Night at Raymour & Flanigan}

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I have been working on getting our home decorating "finished" forever it seems, even though we have only lived here just going on five years. I know it is one of those things that will never really be done, as styles evolve and life changes, but it's a nice feeling when you can see progress towards making your house a home. We are on our way there with the help of several new pieces of furniture from Raymour and Flanigan and some plans for putting a few more personal touches in our main living areas.

I had considered our living room done for the most part, except for one special, longed for piece: a chesterfield, leather sofa. I have dreamed of owning one of these for a long time, but the first time we headed out to buy a brand new couch, we had two kids under two and my practical thoughts veered towards cozy, comfortable and stain masking. Something to curl up and watch TV or take a nap on, ya know? For those long, tired days with little ones. Which is how we ended up with the Canyon Ridge Microfiber Sofa and chair from Raymour and Flanigan. They worked great and were all of the things on my list as far as comfort and kid friendliness.

Truth be told, though, I still dreamed of that leather sofa. I pined after it through images found on Pinterest, but put it away as one of those sigh-one-day possibilities. As my kids have gotten through the toddler phase, I have been able to create more grown up spaces in our home (while still being kid friendly) and began contemplating the sofa situation once again.

Then, I found it. The perfect one for our space and style: the Saddler Leather Sofa. I found it online first and then needed to see it in person. My husband and I planned a "date night" furniture shopping (cause, well, when you have two little ones, any time out of the house without them counts as a date, right?). We headed back to our local Raymour & Flanigan.
We were immediately met by the the lovely, Lauren, with her warm and friendly personality. (She gave  me the okay to share her picture here!).
I will admit, I have fears about sales consultants. Are they going to pester me the whole time and not leave me alone or look down on me like I'm not "classy" enough or something? All of those fears were put at ease as soon as I met Lauren. She was sweet and funny. When I needed help she offered it, and when I said I just wanted to look, she let me. It was awesome.

Of course, I wanted to get straight to that sofa, so that is what we did. It was like that moment in National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation when Clark Griswold finds the "perfect" Christmas tree. The clouds broke, music played, a light beamed down on it I swear, tada! There it was...
It was even more awesome in person. The perfect color. The perfect "worn" look and the best part? It was comfortable! I wasn't sure if it would be, but the cushions were so soft and thick. I was smitten for sure. And my husband was too. Phew. That could have been a real deal breaker there if he hadn't been on board.

After we had settled on that as a definite "keeper", I of course, wanted to look around at every.thing.else. in the store. So, a few times on our date, I found my husband like this:
Yup, that is my purse he is holding. Don't feel bad...he offered ;). He was a trooper and loved whatever I loved and helped me make decisions on some more pieces that we wanted to get for our home. Like the Sullivan Accent Cabinet, that is now in our dining room (stay tuned for that room's transformation coming a bit later - big plans People, big plans!).
We chose a few other pieces while we were there that were only available online, so Lauren ordered them for us. And then we chose one other larger piece that I am going to share when I show you how we turned our playroom/office into a cozy TV den.

One of the best things I think we have done to our house thus far is getting that darn TV out of the main room you walk into. I am so glad people don't have to see that beast the second they enter. Now, the first thing people see is our gorgeous, glorious leather sofa! Dreams really do come true people. I'm tellin' ya.

Here is a sneak peek of our revamped space. I am going to show you all the details next week, so make sure you come back!
If you have been contemplating a leather sofa for your space, I have a compiled a list of my favorites from Raymour and Flanigan. Leather is really so versatile and one of the greatest discoveries since bringing ours home is that it is so kid friendly! They spill stuff, we wipe it up, it's dry. So easy!

1. My personal favorite is the Saddler Leather Sofa. If your style is rustic, eclectic or vintage inspired, it is the perfect choice. I like to call my own style "eclectic bohemian" and it fits right in here. Like a glove.

2. The Bartolo Leather Sofa is definitely a favorite of mine. It reminds me of a midcentury piece with its clean lines and slight tufts. It would also work well in modern or masculine spaces.

3. The Raleigh Leather Sofa stood out to me for its elegance and comfort. With both modern and traditional elements it is the perfect choice for transitional spaces.

4. The Lazlo Leather Sofa is another choice that has a midcentury vibe to me, but would work well in contemporary and minimalist spaces.

5. I like the Quentin Leather Sofa because it's traditional but has a luxe, industrial vibe. It would work well in a variety of spaces.

6. The Rourke Leather Settee is a classic piece that reminds me of an English cottage. I love it so much I was almost tempted to bring it home! Since it is a settee, it would work well in cozy, small spaces.

I hope you will follow along with my house updates and check out what is inspiring me for these spaces on my Pinterest board with Raymour & Flanigan! I am so excited to be working with them as one of their #RFBloggers this year!

Till next time...
~Alice W.

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  1. I'm happy for you, Alice! Both pieces are beautiful and are perfect for your lovely home. Enjoy your new furniture!

  2. it's GORGEOUS!!!! love it so much! great choice.

  3. Very pretty. Looking forward to seeing more.

  4. What Cassie said. GORGEOUS!! Your hubby and my hubby do the same thing in furniture stores. ;) Love that Rourke Settee too!

  5. This looks amazing!!! Definitely the perfect chesterfield for your space!! Love it!

  6. Hi Alice, indeed you have a sofa to love! I also love the traditional one no. #5 pictured.
    Did you place your old sofa in the guest room/ new T.V room, I bet your home feels like a welcoming site and another quiet place dad and kids can hide out to watch some TV without disturbing your beautiful main living room?

    I love the Navaho Indian rug pillows, it's a look that's been around in the mix for years, and fits in with any of the rustic looks..... A bit Ralph Lauren, and any laces, cottons or tickings will become a perfect fit for your creative designs.

    See you soon my dear, enjoy your new beauty because we sure are.


  7. Alice, it is gorgeous! You know how much I love chesterfields and theirs is amazing! LOVE it. Going to check out their site now!!!

  8. What a beautiful new sofa, Alice! I love those last two leather options too. Hope you enjoy - can't wait to see more of your room!

  9. Gorgeous pieces Alice! I'm with Jennifer, I LOVE that settee too. I would definitely pick the same couch you did too ;)
    Hugs, Jamie

  10. Ha! My boyfriend gets complimented regularly on 'his' handbag when he carries it for me :-)

    My fantasy sofa is a Chesterfield but in velvet. Blue or maybe purple. Or green.

  11. Congratulations on making your dream come true! Gorgeous selection that will only get better with time. Enjoy!

  12. It is lovely! So glad you got what you wanted, and can't wait to see more details to come!! :)

  13. I love that couch and looks great with the pillows and blanket you chose, but I really want that cabinet!!! Great post, Alice, can't wait to see more!!

  14. That couch could not be more gorgeous! I love leather sofas and love the one I's so comfortable and perfectly worn, but one day I'd like to graduate to a chesterfield leather sofa. Yours looks stunning in your home!

  15. where are those throw pillows from!

    1. The links to them can be found in this post:


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