Styling an Eclectic Bookshelf {in the living room}

Lately, I have been obsessed with bookshelf styling. So much so that I stole a shelf from my kids' room, just to decorate it in the living room. (Don't worry, I replaced it with something else that was even more kid friendly for them). I purchased this shelf at an antique store, long before having children, and while it isn't exactly "the look" I was going for, it had the space I wanted. I will be sharing the full living room refresh later this week, as I mentioned last Friday, but today, it's all about the shelf.
You might recall the rustic shelf that was in this space previously. It has been there for a long time, and even though I love it, I felt limited with how many things I could actually "style" on it.

I would like to possibly get myself some of these ones (*affiliate link) when they fit into our budget, or make something similar to this on another wall, but until then, I decided to work with what I have. And this shelf was it.
I wanted to keep it kid friendly, but also have pieces on it that I love.
A mixture of books, old and new. A pair of brass deer I scored at a thrift store for $1.00. A piece of pottery that I purchased at HomeGoods (I fell in love with it the minute I saw it, and it was only $15!).

Part of my collection of art books, some antlers, a German license plate from the flea market, a little bowl made by my sister...
More old and new books. I am always snapping up old books when I find them. They are my "go-to" pieces for decorating. I just can't help but put them everywhere.
Stacks of my magazines and catalogs. Dominoes in an antique egg basket. 
Ever since I put out dominoes, my kids have been playing with them every day. Being 2 1/2 and almost 4, they of course don't know how to really play, but my husband sets them up for them in elaborate ways and then they get a thrill out of knocking them down. They have been wanting to do that in the evenings rather than watch TV shows. I think that is pretty awesome. And all from just throwing some dominoes in a basket. I had know idea it would create some impromptu family togetherness.
And of course, loads of kid's books on the bottom shelf. Some are placed in a wooden box, while others are just lined up on the side. I always want my children to have easy access to books, since I think reading is so important. Because of that, I know I will always have books for them in our living spaces.
So that's the current state of our little, "eclectically styled" bookshelf in the living room. Even though it may not be as "Pinterest worthy" as the images I find myself inspired by on there (I have a whole board dedicated to it...oh if only I could study under the likes of Emily Henderson...sigh), I like that it is functional as well as appealing to at least my eye and gives the room a bit more character.

I am just dying to show you the whole room makeover, but it will still be a few more days (editing though the 300 photos I took takes time...ha). I hope you will come back to see the rest!

Till next time...
~Alice W.

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  1. How fun that your littles are playing with the dominoes! Your collection is peaceful and sweet. I love old books and anything nature. And you struck a chord with the wooden box with the children's books. :) I have old wooden boxes all over my house! I really like your style of decorating.. It's warm and personal.



  2. looks great Alice! love all the books and styled so well. have a great week!

  3. I was immediately drawn to the colors you used. So pretty! That pottery-one of my weaknesses! I love how every element is uniquely interesting, and the whole shelf is cohesive. You've inspired me to actually style my family room shelves (that get piled with plastic toys and greatly neglected). Have a great day!

  4. lovely Alice, I love the lamp!

  5. Always love everything you style Alice. You are truly gifted my dear.

  6. I LOVE this shelf Alice and you are the queen of styling! How fun that the dominoes brought about such fun family time. :)


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