Hazel's Sheriff Callie Inspired Cowgirl Birthday Party

My daughter Hazel is coming up on her fourth birthday (hard to believe!) and if there is one thing I am terrible at as a blogger, it is getting my kids' birthday posts up around their actual birthday. Today, I am finally sharing Hazel's third birthday party which was a Sheriff Callie inspired cowgirl theme. Even though this post is near a year late, I hope you enjoy seeing how we celebrated and get some inspiration if you are planning a similar party soon!
When we were deciding on a theme, Hazel kept coming back to Sheriff Callie, an adorable show on Disney Junior that we would watch from time to time. She was fixated on being a cowgirl like the main character. 

As is typical with all of the birthday parties around here, my mom and I teamed up to make it extra special (and low cost) by making most of the decorations ourselves and finding lots of vintage accessories. 
We welcomed guests to "Nice and Friendly Corners" (Sheriff Callie's town) with a sign that I wood burned. It was my first attempt and not the best, but it worked.
My mom made both banners above and below the main table. The burlap tablecloth was one that I made for an art show several years ago. We draped another pink table cloth on top along with a pink bandanna. Most of the colors throughout were brown and pink.

The backdrop for this area was a combination of old doors that both my mom and I had. I was going for an "old western town" look while covering up our ugly siding!
My mom actually makes these banners to sell in her Etsy shop AlteredEcoDesigns. It is awesome when it's party time and I can ask her to whip one up for us! (This exact one is actually available in her shop.)

She also brought lots of vintage, western style props to use.
I also made many of the decorations myself. We had to have a "WANTED" poster of course! I was inspired by this one that I originally found perusing Pinterest.
I also made a sign with Hazel's name spelled out in rope simply glued to an old board. 
At the time, it was impossible to find anything Sheriff Callie related in stores, but I liked the challenge of coming up with the decorations myself.
I even made some simple character dolls the night before the party!
I printed the images off on photo canvas paper and then sewed them together with coordinating fabrics and stuffed them with polyester fiber. It's almost a year later and both kids still play with them. 
My mom put the plastic cutlery in old mason jars wrapped in doilies and tied up with twine.
We had already named our cactus Toby when we got it (like the adorable one from the show), so it fit in with the decor perfectly...I just gave him a little hat.
The birthday girl was thrilled when she came out to check out all of the details herself.
She, of course, looked the part with a cowgirl hat, boots and a pink sheriff badge.
My mom made some s'more pops which the birthday girl enjoyed first thing. It was hot, so they melted a bit!
To make these simply melt some chocolate, dip the marshmallows in it and then coat with crushed graham crackers. Pop them in the freezer to set for a little while and voila!
We had extra bandannas for our guest and of course the birthday girl's little brother...aka...Deputy Peck.
(Blurry shot but isn't he sweet? Love my little man.)
And because I may be just a tad bit crazy when it comes to planning my kids' birthday parties, I decided the day before, to make a huge photo booth prop of the characters for our guests (and us!) to have fun popping our heads into. 

Yeah, I'm insane, I know. I stayed up late painting the whole thing after my husband cut out the holes for me. It was definitely a hit. Some people even thought I bought it...haha! It was actually a piece of cardboard from our television box!
Nobody wanted to be Deputy Peck though! Would have been perfect if Owen joined in, but at that point he was tired and didn't want to play along. Ahh well.
Owen did want to be Toby all by himself though.
Since Hazel's birthday is at the end of June, it is always hot and humid, so we got worn out, but had a great day celebrating.
The birthday girl changed into her bathing suit, made a wish and blew out her candles...
And then devoured that cupcake. It was a memorable day...she still tells me about "the time she was a cowgirl and had a Sheriff Callie party" :)
Her next birthday party with be Frozen themed since she is now obsessed with all things Queen Elsa. Hopefully I will get a post up for that one before she turns five....but we'll see...

Till next time...
~Alice W.

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  1. this looks like such a fun party! love it!

  2. Alice, this is so sweet. I love all the little details and your kids are just beautiful!

  3. Awe...what a super cute party! Love all the party loot and how it came together. And I must say...that birthday girl is a cutie for sure! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  4. I love the relationship you have with your Mom. What a blessing to have the three generations so loving and close. Great Party, theme and decor!

  5. Happy Birthday Hazel.
    I loved seeing all the fun you put into planning this Rodeo out :)


  6. How sweet! Love seeing your party decor and especially you and your sweet kiddos!

  7. This party is adorable. I love the colors, the vintage combined with homemade. The party girl looks so happy!

  8. You and your kids are so adorable!! And what a wonderful idea for a party! Absolutely lovely!

  9. Super sweet, Alice! It's wonderful that you take so much time and effort to organize such fun birthday parties for your kids. I love all the cute details.

  10. I am a cowgirl at heart with 5 horses so LOVE this party theme! Great details with the rope sign, burlap tablecloth with ruffle, banner with horseshoe, cowboy hat on the cactus, the vintage Summer Coaster horse, the S’More pops are so authentic looking as… if you have ever cleaned a horse stall bedded in wood chips before you know what! Hazel is way too cute in her outfit, I can see these pics brought out many times in the future and republished when you look back, like grad and wedding. I used to wood burn little craft pictures with my brother as a kid so hope to hear more/tutorials on wood burning signs – yours looked pretty good – great post!

  11. What a cute idea and what beautiful children you have Alice! I always love your photography, such soft colors.

  12. Very cute!! Your kiddos are very blessed to have you as their mommy!! :)

  13. Oh this is so cute. You had a lot of great ideas. I love the photo prop. Don't wait too long to post Hazel's 4th birthday party. BTW she is just adorable!
    Terri @ www.mygrayhaven.com

  14. This was definitely a fun party! I oved it, you had great ideas for everything. I really enjoyed going through all my vintage at home not realizing just how much "cowboy" or should I say "cowgirl" stuff I had! hahaha

    @Linda you are so sweet!

  15. So cute! In the middle of planning a Sheriff Callie party myself! Any chance you would sell me your picture backdrop?? =) I live in Va...



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