Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Moments in Real Life {Using Photography to Find Beauty in the Every Day}

Sometimes I think there is just too much "put together perfectness" on the internet. And then we can start believing our messy, real life lives are less than. Not as good. Just don't measure up. I do this. Often. Too often.
I remember telling my sister-in-law awhile back that when I look at my stove and it's dirty, all that I hear inside my mind is "Failure!" As if it were a measure of judgment on my character. I feel that way when I see laundry piled up, toys strewn all over the living room, dishes overflowing in the sink, etc. A failure because every moment of my life doesn't look picture perfect like the photos I scroll through on Pinterest and Instagram and blogs.

Her response to my messy stove, "I think it means you're normal."

Don't get me wrong. I love those pictures. Heck, I even share those pictures. I am often very inspired by seeing those pictures. But after awhile...something else happens. I get off of my phone or computer, look around and feel disappointment. That this life I have here isn't "all together" like it appears to be for others through those images. Those seconds when, an often staged, photograph was taken. Not real life.

This has inspired me to try something different. Something real.
I was inspired to grab my camera and take some shots of real life moments around our home. I have been trying to do it purposefully for the past few months. They may not be glamorous or Pinterest worthy...but maybe they are better. Because I can look back and remember....that's how it really was. That was real.

I was originally inspired to do this after reading this post. It literally changed. my. life. No more letting the mundane every day go by without noticing the beauty in it. Without taking the time to remember it as it was. It will be gone so fast, after all.

So here are some moments I captured recently...
Mismatched bowls in the cupboard.
My morning sustenance. 
And morning sunshine.
Copper measuring cups and vintage miscellany in the kitchen.
Fresh parsley growing in the windowsill.
Patio lights between the dining room and kitchen.
Little Boy who sticks his tongue out at me when I take his picture over breakfast.
Old bottles and succulents in the upstairs hall window (a great spot for sunlight).
Upstairs bathroom in desperate need of of renovation. But as real life goes, it sits on our list of "someday." Meanwhile, a friendly troll lives there to remind us it's all good.
Where my kids enjoy their bubble baths.
And I sit to bathe them.
The upstairs bathroom is another great source of sunlight, so lots of plants live in there.
Little Girl with mismatched socks petting her horse.
Kids' bedroom storage (note the artwork).
Either Olaf or Rubble put a cone on Rocky's tail. I can just hear Ryder tapping his foot in displeasure.
Little Boy's backpack.
Kids' closet. I am a bit of a neurotic when it comes to hanging up their clothes. This is real. Shows my crazy.
Stuffed friends.
Boy side.
Girl side.
Horse family. All nuzzled together (arranged by Little Girl).

So there are some real life moments from our home. I hope to find the time to share posts like this more often.

Are you like me? Do you find yourself getting discouraged after scrolling on Pinterest, IG, blogs, etc. because you think everyone has it all together and you're not even close? If so, I encourage you to try something similar. Look at your home from another angle. Put on another lens. Seek out the beauty in the every day. The mundane. The real life.

That's where the good stuff is. The stuff that matters. The stuff you will want to remember.

Till next time...
~Alice W.

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