Eclectic Summer Porch

Even though our porch could use some improvements, I still enjoying changing out the decor season to season. I didn't do much with it this past spring, since it has been very rainy, but here is how I dolled it up for summer, just in time for the 4th of July.
I would ideally love to paint our siding gray and give the trim around the door a crisp coat of white. I'd also love to add some shutters and window boxes. At this point we aren't sure how long we plan on staying here, since it is getting pretty cramped inside, so we have held off on doing any work to the exterior for the time being.
The previous owners added the porch, which I personally think looks like a deck that belongs on the back of a house, but it is functional. My kids love drawing on it with chalk, and we sit out here and watch the world go by on nice days.
I purchased our 'Welcome' sign several years ago from an online shop but have never been able to find it since then. I get asked about it all the time. Even at our annual yard sale, someone always asks to buy it! I found a couple of alternatives for those who are interested even though they aren't exactly the same. This one is pretty cute or you could purchase this one and paint it white (*affiliate links).
This set-up isn't too different from last year's. Same wreath and flag, even another hanging flower plant. This one belongs to Hazel. It was given to her for her fourth birthday.
The chairs are different from last year, and I chose to leave the tree stumps from our Christmas porch decor.
I snatched the pillows from the living room (only for when it's nice weather out here as they aren't technically outdoor pillows.)
I receive lots of questions about them on Instagram. They are from Home Decorator's Collection on Amazon. I purchased both the Mohave Kilim Pillow and the La Paz Kilim Pillow (*affiliate links). If you are thinking of buying, keep in mind that they very scratchy (you can actually read my reviews for them on Amazon). My kid's don't like them at all, but they do look cute, so I decided to keep them.
I didn't have any other outdoor plants this year, so I brought out some succulents and cacti. I have found I actually do better with indoor plants in the past couple of years. Go figure.
Who knows if we will ever make any major renovations or changes to this little porch of ours, but for now we strive to enjoy it as is and make the most of it. And as much as I complain about it, it serves it's purpose and makes for lots of fun family times together enjoying the view of our neighborhood in this sweet little town.

Till next time...
~Alice W.

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  1. I think your porch has a lot of charm, Alice. You've played up on that by keeping it simple and a little rustic. I love the sign and that chippy little lantern. I laughed about the indoor plants---I have a green thumb in killing them!! I do love succulents, they really look great with your eclectic style.

    Happy New Week! :)

    Jane x

    1. Thanks Jane! I only do well with the succulents and cactus though :) I kill everything else!

  2. Oh, by the way---I wanted to thank you for following me on IG!


  3. what a lovely spot - love how you mixed different styles - and love that lantern!

  4. Your porch is so cute! I love the charming arched door cover thing (? I'm sure there's a technical name for it). I feel like I really need a flag now. It just looks so good floating with all your other decor.


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