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Boho Eclectic Fall Home Tour

Welcome to the second installment of my fall home tour for 2015! I am so honored to be joining Kelly from Eclectically Vintage for her 'Eclectically Fall' home tour this year! There is so much inspiration in this group of talented bloggers!

The stop right before me was my sweet friend Kristen of Ella Claire. If you are visiting by way of her, I am so glad you came over for the tour! If you have yet to check hers out, be sure to go back. Kristen is always so inspiring.
Okay...I hope you are ready for picture overload! I always try to limit myself to a certain number of photos for these posts, but...ya know...what's the fun in that?

On Tuesday, I shared my front porch and kitchen which you can check out in this post. Today, I am taking you inside to check out how I have done up our living room and dining room for the season. Here are some photos of the front porch I haven't yet shared, but make sure you pop over to the other post if you want to see all of the details.
Now, we will move right into the living room. Our entry area is very small, but I added a couple of touches for fall. I mainly just try to keep it clear and uncluttered, as difficult as that can be with a 4 and soon to be 3 year old and no coat closet.
I lost both of my grandparents earlier this year, and it has been tough. I still grieve every day. My grandfather's 97th birthday would be this October 2nd. I kept one of his shirts and decided to hang it here in the entry way as we get closer to his birthday.
When I am really missing him, it helps me to have something to hold onto. His scent lingers on. When I took the next photo, I was about to delete it because of the glare, but then I looked closer and saw it was right over the shirt. Like a reminder that he is still present with me every single day. I definitely cried editing these photos.
The framed print above, was a free printable I shared last week. You can find that post here with a link to download it if you'd like.

The first thing you see when you walk into our home, is a new vignette that I set up with my grandparents' vintage Hi Fi record console. It had been in their bedroom since 1965. I have actually wanted a record player for awhile, so the added nostalgia makes this one perfect. It still smells like their house, which is bittersweet every time I walk by and all of a sudden I am brought back to them.
I have a lot of their old records, along with some that I have thrifted for myself and the kids. We can't wait to get it working and dance around to Carole King and Raffi's Baby Beluga!
I fell in love with these lamps recently from Raymor & Flanigan. I opted for a pair of them and they are a perfect fit for this console table. (Full source list at the end of this post!)

My mom says it's like walking into her childhood when she sees this. Everything comes back around...
To bring some fall touches to this vignette, I put some large branches from our backyard tree in a large glass vase that I tucked inside of an African basket. Some of my favorite decorating books, a funky owl and a new jute rug from Wayfair finish it off.
To the right of the door when you walk in, is the sofa and a little creative corner I set up for my kids in here. Just keeping' it real for ya ;) I always want my kids to feel welcome in every room in our home and since we converted what was their playroom to more of a family/tv room, their toys and play things have been dispersed all throughout our home. Wrangling their belongings is one of the biggest challenges in a small home!

For fall, I have refreshed things in here quite a bit since I last shared a tour of it. I put the shag rug back in, changed out some of the throw pillows to faux fur ones that I made last year, and a few new Turkish kilim pillows. I keep adding more to my collection.

My husband also painted for me again in this room. Five years, three paint colors...I'm indecisive, what can I say? He got the new color for free so at least that worked out to our advantage. It is Glidden's 'Antique White' but was mixed my Sherwin Williams. I was sort of dreading the long gray fall and winter months being in here with gray walls too. The fresh, lighter color makes me happy every time I walk in.

I have been scouring my magazine collection (some of which date back to 2006) for fall inspiration. And we love reading Little Blue Truck, especially this time of year with its adorable fall illustrations.
A sweet, little afghan that I found at the Salvation Army was a perfect touch for fall, and the rattan footstool was only $2 at a church thrift store!
I'm all about keeping things as kid friendly as possible. They do play with things in here, and I don't mind. They help me take care of the plants too. We all love our little fiddle leaf fig (we just call him "Fig"), and so far so good in keeping him alive!
Since I am also fairly indecisive about what to put on our walls, especially when they have been recently painted, I opted to tape up some of Hazel and Owen's artwork. They like seeing it displayed and I like the color it adds in this little corner. I also taped up some leaves we collected and saved from last year.
And they have already gotten started with some crafty fall projects...
Basically I just want this room to be cozy, inviting and kid friendly. Although they are NOT fans of the kilim pillows or new jute rug, "Too scratchy Mom." Ahh well...they throw them off and jump from the ottoman to the couch anyways pretending the shag rug is a raging river underneath.
Finally, in here, I just recently found all of the crystals that came with our vintage chandelier. They were buried away in the basement these past five years. I cleaned them up and put them back on and now remember why I fell in love with it in the first place! Last week, I shared a post about picking a new light fixture for in here, but now I think I may just leave this one.
Now, we will head on through to the dining room. This room was also painted earlier this year to a bright white. And just a couple of weeks ago, I repainted our salvaged mantel to a crisp and clean white finish. It used to be a bit more distressed and chippy looking. I am loving the new refined look for it.
Our new dining table and chairs are also from Raymour & Flanigan, as is the accent cabinet on the right (I have had the honor of being one of their #RFbloggers for 2015).

More bohemian touches were added in here with some large thrift store baskets, succulents and cacti, and a silk scarf that I decided to hang on the wall inside the mantel.
For fall, I kept things fairly simple and natural with white pumpkins lining the table and some squash on the mantel. More branches from the backyard and a tiny leaf (again saved from last year since none have started to turn here yet!).
On the wall to the right, I created a vignette with stacks of my old book collection, more pumpkins and plants.
Since Hazel started Pre-K this year, I was so excited when she brought home her first painting done there. Okay, so I know...I'm her mom which makes me totally biased...but it seriously looked like a piece reminiscent of Picasso or Matisse. I decided to put it in a vintage frame and hang it in here below an antique tapestry. I love the contrast of the two. It's like a funky museum in here now.
The dining room is open to the kitchen, which I shared a lot of pictures of earlier in the week, but here are a few shots I didn't share in that post. I have a love/hate relationship with this kitchen, but am working on it leaning on the love end.
If you can believe it, I took even more photos of all of these spaces, so I will be breaking them up into individual posts throughout the season! I hope you enjoyed your visit today, and now it is time to head on to the next fall home tour which you will find at Yellow Prairie Interiors!

Good Housekeeping is also featuring all of our homes on their site which is awesome and they have loads of fall inspiration awaiting you! Be sure to visit all of the others this week to soak in the fall goodness they have to share.

Source list & Similar Items:
(This list contains some affiliate links and products previously received through brand partnership. Full disclosure.)

Anything not listed is likely vintage, thrift store or flea market finds.

La Paz Kilim Pillow - Home Decorator's Collection
Mohave Kilim Pillow - Home Decorator's Collection
Copper watering can - Christmas Tree Shops (Similar here)
Mexican Falsa Blanket  (I found mine, second hand, at a thrift store)

Living Room:
Paint: Glidden - Antique White
Saddler Leather Sofa - Raymour & Flanigan
Bohemian Elegance Table Lamps - Raymour & Flanigan
Round jute rug - Wayfair
Turkish kilim throw pillows - Etsy
Mayatex Apache Saddle Blanket, Black/Fawn, 36 x 34-Inch
Mustard yellow throw and fabric basket - Target
Ottoman - HomeGoods
Shell hanging - Gift shop in Myrtle Beach (Similar here)
Moroccan Shag Rug
KidKraft table & chairs - Natural finish - Wayfair
The New Bohemians: Cool and Collected Homes
Bohemian Modern
Modern Rustic
French Home
Little Blue Truck
Chandelier - Craigslist (Similar here)
Fiddle Leaf Fig - Home Depot
Bamboo shades - Driftwood finish

Dining Room:
Trevelin Dining Table - Raymour & Flanigan
Felix Dining Chairs - Raymour & Flanigan
Sullivan Accent Cabinet - Raymour & Flanigan
Bull head and pottery piece - HomeGoods
Chandelier - Craigslist

Thanks for visiting!

Till next time...
~Alice W.

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