Creating a Personal & Cozy Home for Fall

Fall is in all its glory here in Western New York right now. My favorite time of year! The leaves are reaching their peak colors and just enough of them are falling off for the kids to jump and play. I shared my fall home tour last month, but today, I wanted to share with you how I strive to make this season personal and cozy for my family. I am joining in with some of my best blogging friends for Seasons of Home: Fall Edition. Be sure to visit them at the end of this post to see what fall inspiration they have to share!
Even just as a hint of this season is in the air, my whole spirit is lifted in a way I can't describe in words. I become alive all over senses are awakened and my focus shifts to what matters most...enjoying every minute of this fleeting time.

The beauty of fall is short lived near me with only a few weeks of all the glorious colors. Then the leaves are gone, and before we know it, the cold of winter arrives. It is a time when I wish I could pause life and embrace each little moment with the ones who matter most. Which makes it the best time to cozy up the house for my family and add personal touches that remind me of the season ahead the memories from the ones before.

Fall always seems to start in the kitchen for me. I begin baking our favorite comfort foods for dinner and sweet treats with the little ones. We enjoy homemade jam from my uncle and going on fall excursions every chance we get. 

Hazel went on her first Pre-K field trip last week to a pumpkin patch and Owen and I got to tag along! We had so much fun. I love watching them fall in love with autumn as much as I do.
We always have apples in abundance from my mom's apple trees. Our entire kitchen smells like an orchard this time of year. You can see more of my kitchen in this post.

After fall infiltrates my kitchen, it flows throughout the rest of our home in cozy decor and natural autumn touches. The warm blankets reappear and this year some new throw pillows were added (sources listed in this post). I love to have an array of textures throughout my home.
Cozy and kid friendly go hand in hand in our home. I love to make special spaces for Hazel and Owen to enjoy and unleash their creativity. Their toys are often strewn all about (not pictured!), and their artwork and creations are always proudly displayed. 
Fall is also a time when I do a lot of redecorating and bring out finds that have been hidden away for awhile or display newly thrifted items for the first time, like these wrapped bottles my mom gave me last month. 
The dining room is where I get to really let my personal decorating "shine", since that is the room with surfaces I can work with that little hands can't undo, like our mantel, new side cabinet and table. 
Sometimes even the tiniest details can make a big impact when adding seasonal touches. Both this year and last I just so happened to find tiny dried leaves right near me when doing my mantel decor. Tiny reminders of the beauty of autumn and God's abundant love for us.
In a nut shell that is how I make fall cozy and personal around here! Hope you enjoyed your visit here today. 

Now, it's time to visit some of my blogging friends for more fall inspiration! I love this group of woman and know you will enjoy visiting each one of them. They have all been an amazing encouragement to me these past couple of years as I have gotten to know them.

Since fall is my favorite time of year, I have lots of old fall posts to inspire you this season as I spend more time away from blogging to focus on family time and making memories with Hazel and Owen. Click here to view all of my fall archived posts or check out the noted ones below!

Till next time...
~Alice W.

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  1. i just want to come lounge on your sofa right now- your home is so warm and inviting!

  2. Beautiful Alice!! I'm totally with Cassie!! Your photos are just as stunning as ever!

  3. So lovely Alice, I love your home & your heart! Your home always takes my breathe away because it's real and authentically you {& your family} XOXO Jen

  4. So cozy Alice!!! I love your home! :)

  5. Your home is cozy and much-loved, that is apparent. It is all the little moments that make up a life.

  6. Oh Alice, so many beautiful moments around your house! It looks warm and happy and lived in by happy people :)

  7. How lovely, Alice...a sweet glimpse of fall in your home. Beautiful photos!

  8. I love the artistic shots with interesting focus and texture! This was a visually pleasing post and your story along with it made me smile. Beautiful.

  9. Alice, I want to come over and sit on your couch with all those amazing pillows and eat toast and jam and color with your kids. xx

  10. I simply love your home and style---you truly embrace simplicity and the values you want to pass on to your kids. :)

    Jane x

  11. im in love with your mental. is it something you built on your own? can i get the dimensions for it? i want to build one in my home. really love your style!

  12. And I'm smiling............ thank you for the inspiration Alice! Your home is a wonderful reflection of your spirit!

  13. can you move your house into mine? LOVE it ALL!

  14. Simply beautiful, Alice! I love the collection of books and the baby boos lined up on your table. And your chandelier takes my breath away every time I see it!

  15. Your home is so stunning...I love every single photo here. So glad I cam across this! Pinning : )

  16. Fall is such a great time of year for focusing on making memories. I hope you guys are having fun!


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