Swap It Like It's Hot #4 {easy thrift store upcycles}

Do you ever feel like creativity is seriously lacking in your brain? Mine has been dormant for like...awhile. Not sure what happened these past few months. The role of mom is turning it into Swiss cheese or something. But when Charlotte of Ciburbanity invited me to join in for #SwapItLikeItsHot round four I said yes anyway! I love these challenges where bloggers send each other inexpensive thrift store finds to get made over.
Unfortunately, even getting some awesome thrifted goods from Bee of Windgate Lane did not kick my brain into gear. I have mulled over it ever since the items arrives, wondering what to do with the cool finds sent to me and the only thing I REALLY wanted to do with them, was leave them as is. But I know...I know...that would not make for good thrift store upcycling inspiration would it?

When I received the package from Bee, the first thing I pulled out was a hand carved antelope figure. I loved him instantly (yup, me and the little folks decided to designate it a "him"). I actually had a whole set of these, in smaller form, when I was a child. I received them as a Christmas present from my aunt and uncle who lived in Kenya for awhile. As it goes sometimes, you don't always think to take good care of things as a child and eventually they were broken or misplaced. It was fun to open this guy up and bring back the memory!
I actually didn't mind the wood finish and had the idea of possibly cutting it in half to make bookends or something but my husband said it would be tough without the right tools around here. Then I thought about painting a design by hand, but ran out of time (can I get a, "Procrastinator!").

Finally, I decided to just give it a slight modern update with a two tone metallic paint finish. There is nothing a little spray paint can't enhance, am I right? I did the bottom half in copper and the top half in gold. Just sprayed and let it dry. Done! He really looks cool anywhere I put him.
In the package, I also received three really nice botanical prints.
Since I had already seriously "stretched" my brain pretty far with that whole spray painting deal, I just couldn't come up with any cool transformation for these. I did, however, have a couple of clipboards that I thought could work for putting two of them on and adding to a fall vignette. Instant display art.
If this vignette looks familiar, you may have seen a slightly different version during my fall home tour. I changed a few things out and added these prints. I love me some flexible decor.
And there you go. You don't even have to thank me for these insanely creative, out of the box who am I kidding ideas. Sheesh. My brain almost hurt from all the strain it took. Hehe. Just kidding.

But seriously, I am in a creative funk people. Hope I get out of it soon!

Big thank you to Bee for sending me such awesome stuff!

Now, it's time to head to Kimm from Reinvented! I sent her a whole bunch of randomness and can't wait to see what she did with it.

Then be sure to visit the other bloggers below who also joined this challenge and who probably have some crazy serious creativity going on! I think the creative part of my brain is just on vacation...

Here is a preview of today's line up...

Tune in all week to see the crazy items this talented group of bloggers has been making over! Search the hashtag #swapitlikeitshot on social media to follow along with all the fun or check out our Pinterest Board.




Till next time...
~Alice W.

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  1. I love the botanical prints on the clipboards! I think that looks perfect!

  2. Girl, you don't give yourself enough credit! That fall vignette is AMAZING, I love the clipboards, they're perfect to enhance the prints. And a two tone metallic antelope? Who would think of that? not me... He looks gorgeous. Thanks again for the fun stuff you sent me! I hope you like the results! :)

  3. They're both so perfect! I love the two-tone gold and copper on the antelope!

  4. I think they look fantastic! I mean there really is only so much you can do with an antelope, right? I have his brother, only he is sitting. I found him at a thrift store also and kind of love him. :)

  5. I love what you did with these! The two-toned metallic look on the antelope is so pretty, and I love how you styled the botanical prints with the stacks of old books and pumpkins. Oh, those old books! I'm in love <3

  6. Oh I love what you did to 'him'!! :) Looks so great- and your vignettes are just gorgeous! xoxo

  7. I really like how the Antelope has that ombre-feel. Wow the vignette with the botanical prints is absolutely dreamy.

  8. I really, really love the botanical prints and the painted little Antelope is fabulous :)

    xoxo, Tanya

  9. I think that all seemed wonderful and effortlessly perfect! The clipboards with those prints look great! Just in time for fall!

  10. Looks like the simplest of ideas turned out quite well.

  11. Alice, what a fun swap idea! I love, love the botanicals! The two tone spray on the antelope is cool as well.

  12. Those botanical prints are a treasure! Love what you did with them!

  13. Great, great, great! This has your name stamped all over it! You did a wonderful job with everything.

    Jane x

  14. Yay! Sometimes less is TOTALLY more! I'm with you... those botanic prints deserve a killer frame and I love your display. Ditto the deer. Perfect just the way you left him!

  15. Oh I just love him! Simple but elegant! The other vignette is just lovely too. :)

  16. So, so cute!!! I would have a tough time doing anything with those either! I love what you did though. Your photography is beautiful! :)

  17. Alice' I love the now Gold antalope it really richend it up, and would add some Christams beauty to a vignette.
    As for the the clipboard art this vignette has Autumn written all over it. I took would have had a difficult time doing up with something for both items, yet the prints have more versatility with what one could use it on. Maybe tear pieces of the print up and then puzzle it back together on one of those plastic pumpkins? Giving it a Autumnal feel of a art piece pumpkin.

    See you soon and all your creativeness.


  18. I really love both of these projects. You are way ahead of me in the creative game, because I never would have thought of doing a 2-tone spray paint. It adds something special, and I love how it turned out! I saw that pretty fall corner on IG (or maybe Pinterest?) and just fell in love with it. The colors in the pumpkins accentuate those botanicals, and the clipboards are genius, especially for seasonal decorating. Personally, I think it takes more skill sometimes to put together the simplest ideas and make them look amazing.
    Fun post!

  19. Just darling Alice! I love this idea! This is the first post of this I've seen what a fun idea!!

  20. I love the two tone metallic spray idea. I am looking round my house tight now to see what "needs" a little spray or two. Just recently a lot of things in our house have had a spray of gold but now I've seen this I think some things may need a do over!

  21. Very cute! You did a great job!

    -Erin Spain

  22. I love that you didn't do too much with the deer sometimes you just have to embrace how awesome something can be from the thrift store! Your partner rocked those botanical prints! Be still my heart.

  23. I must admit that when I read spray painted brass and gold, I thought, oh no. But wow! That is nice. I wonder if it would be possible to add in a little silver. I must have something I can try that on one day.


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