The Bedroom Switch

I mentioned last week that my husband and I just recently swapped our large master bedroom for the kids' small shared room. We live in a 1300 square foot, two bedroom and this has been a project I had been wanting to tackle for well over a year. Don't you love when you finally knock something big off of your "list to do"? Today, I am giving a little sneak peek of how I quickly pulled it together in the interim, before it gets a full on makeover.
With so much "stuff" upstairs, I stalled on this project for such a long time. What finally got me motivated was decluttering. We literally donated two to three minivans full!

Simplifying my decor has breathed new life into our home. I highly encourage it, if you feel stuck with pulling your home together. I donated a painful amount of belongings, but even months later, I don't miss ANY of it. In fact, I am relieved it is gone. It can't weigh me down anymore.

I have plans in the works to finally make this new bedroom space a "retreat" of sorts, since it has never been such a thing for Josh and I. When we were in the larger room (which is so big it runs the entire width of our home) it was mostly filled up with storage and items that could never find a home. It was also my craft area that never got used because it was too messy and full. We never focused on our bedroom, because it didn't feel necessary. It was literally just a place to sleep at night. Nothing more.

Don't get me wrong...I always wanted a dreamy bedroom. I have a whole pinterest board dedicated to ones that inspire me. But in my own life, I focused on other rooms and let that be our "storage room" since we are limited for space. No use decorating a storage unit, right? :)

But that is finally going to change over the course of the next month as we get this room whipped into shape. In the meantime, I have set it up to work for us now with a cozy, lived-in boho vibe and I am loving it already. Amazing what a little change of scenery can do for you, am I right?
Some of the pieces in her were left over from when it was the kids' room (which you can check out here to see how it was before).

The dresser, cast iron bird wall hooks, antique trumeau mirror, curtains and shelf above our bed all stayed when I moved the kids other belongings. All of these (with the possible exception of the dresser and mirror) will be moving out when we do the makeover.

I really want to simplify it, get some new decor and paint the walls a fresh coat of white. They are currently Valspar's "Lip Balm" which I chose for Hazel's nursery when we first made over this room.  It is an off white hue with a slight touch of pink. I think it's time for a change and I can't wait to see the finished results.
I don't have new bedding yet, since I am deciding on a headboard and want to make sure it coordinates. I want it to be light and airy though, so I have been testing out a piece of light gray linen fabric over our worn out blankets to see how I like it. I grabbed some throw pillows from the living room to spruce it up a bit and bring a little texture and color to the space. Some of these might stay with the makeover and some new ones will be added.
The light in here is amazing since we had the smaller window replaced. Perfect for my Fiddle Leaf Fig to grow and thrive! I will probably add some more plants too...maybe some hanging in front of the window. 

I found an awesome rattan chair at an annual sale in our area last fall and brought it in to put in the corner. I threw one of my favorite Kilim pillows on it and now it's a great little place to sit. Maybe a little, funky side table next to it...
If you missed last Friday's post, be sure to head back to check it out to see more details of how I have displayed my jewelry collection on my vintage dresser. I love jewelry and want it to be displayed in the room. 

I'd love a vanity area with a mirror (possibly this one* I spotted at Target last time I was there) for jewelry and other things. Not sure the dresser will continue to work depending on the headboard/bed we choose. It is pretty tight already. I might go for a more narrow table but will then have the dilemma of where to store my clothes! Gotta figure that one out...
My kids love coming into their "old room" to raid my jewelry and jump on our bed. I'm glad they don't miss it. Maybe because it looks so different and they now have a giant playroom basically all to themselves. It's been so fun for all of us to make the switch. Change can be so refreshing.
Putting this look together didn't take much time at all, but I never could have done it if I didn't declutter first and get the motivation to finally switch all of the furniture (and have my husband's help!). Moving the furniture was the hardest part, since the kids beds needed to be taken apart to fit through their new door. I realized this after I moved Owen's into the hallway. Whoops. Duh. Measure!

It all came together though over the course of a weekend and the help of my loving husband. Gotta give him props for always going along with my crazy whims.

I hope you will follow along with me as I continue to make progress on pulling this room together into the cozy, boho-eclectic bedroom of my dreams.

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(contains some affiliate links*)
Current wall color - Valspar "Lip Balm"
Kilim pillows - Miss Dilaa
Fur pillows - handmade from fabric at Joann's
Pillowcases/sheets - Target
Rug - Urban Outfitters
Rattan chair - estate sale find

Most everything else in the room is from the flea market, thrift stores, garage sales, or one of a kind finds.

Till next time...
~Alice W.

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  1. i love this space- so soothing and a great mix!

  2. It's really pretty Alice, so serene!

  3. I love the blue and white rug!

    1. Thanks! It's actually black and white but maybe the bright light is giving it a blue hue ;) I love it and have been wanting to get it put in here for so long!

  4. It looks so beautiful! These pictures will be a pinterest sensation! I have already seen so many pins of your living room floating around pinterest, and some of my good friends have been pinning them! I think it's so fun...I get excited when I see them. :) I may or may not spend too much of my life on pinterest ;) Excited to see the kids' new room too!

  5. Alice, I love the new bedroom. It looks so great. x

  6. What a great idea! I love your decor! Thanks for sharing at Funtastic Friday:).

  7. I LOVE the eclectic look! It's one of those styles I pin and admire but my house doesn't really reflect it. I am working on incorporating it more into my home!

  8. Love how this space came together! I will admit Im a bit jealous of your fiddle plant & all that natural light :)

  9. Hi there! What size is your rug? I want to put one under my queen-sized bed but I am not sure whether to go with an 8x10 or 5x7. Thoughts? :)

    1. I went with the 5x7 since our room is so small. It doesn't show up too much under a queen but it was enough for me :) Hope that helps!

  10. I love this, just found it on Pinterest. Can I ask why you switched rooms with the kids? I find that so refreshing...

    1. Because we live in a two bedroom and this room was getting way too tight for them to fit all of their stuff into! :)

  11. Great pictures! I know you have plans for a bed, but the way this one looks with those pillows just makes me smile.


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