From Living Room to Family Room

My living room has gone through so many rearrangements and decor changes in the short five years that we have lived here. Guaranteed, if you come over one week, things will be different if you come back a few weeks later. I am a perpetual rearranger. I love to switch things up. It keeps life exciting (well, at least for me).
I recently decided to do another room switch and decided to move all of the "family room" furniture out of the smaller space it was in and back into our main living room. I did all of the following rearranging in one day and by myself (cause I'm crazzzy? Maybe a little!). My husband was a bit surprised when he got home that day. But let's be real...not that much...he has been married to me going on ten years now and this is nothing new.

I really loved how my living room was looking last fall, so if you remember it that way and loved it too...I am sorry up front. For practical reasons, it was starting to become a problem basically having two living rooms right next to each other.

We had the main living room with the "stylish" furnishings. Then next to it, in a smaller room that is adjacent, the microfiber couch, chair and television. Creating this smaller "TV den", as I was calling it, basically eliminated our playroom, and my office space got moved to the dining room. I didn't like either of these facts, but couldn't figure out what else to do at the time.

My husband loves sitting in our big comfy chair every day to watch TV and I like to cuddle on the microfiber sofa with the kids. The small TV room was cozy and we enjoyed spending time together in there, but I have been really needing more space for toy storage and room for the kids to play. We are pretty limited here with 1300 square feet and only two bedrooms. 
I decided, after thinking it through for a couple of months, that I needed to forgo style just a little bit to bring more function and practicality to our home. That meant moving the television back to the main living room. And because we all like to cuddle on the warm, microfiber furniture when we watch TV, that meant the couch and chair had to come to. 

Then, while I was at it, I figured, I should bring the larger rug back out too. I bought this large area rug at Home Goods but have never really been that happy with it. It's too busy and ornate for my taste, but at the time I was desperate for a large rug that was affordable and would mask stains. I hope to get something that feels more "me" in the future, but for now, this will have to do.
The same is true about the ottoman that I also found at Home Goods. I bought it during a transitional time in my decor taste - from rustic farmhouse to more eclectic, bohemian. It is very functional though (I talked about how it helps me stay organized in this post).
Since I wanted the room to still have as much of a boho vibe as I could create, using only what I have on hand, I made sure to add some details in like this vintage rattan side table and my favorite decorating books.
I moved my grandparents' record console to the opposite wall (to be able to put the television back into this room) along with the pair of lamps I received from Raymour & Flanigan. Some bohemian styling and my shell chandelier stayed put.
I put a small basket on the console to keep our daily essentials in. Very useful when we are heading out the door.
The kids' tepee is currently resting in the corner when not in use. (I'll be sharing a tutorial on their felt campfire and toasted marshmallows soon!)
The patterns are a bit much right now, especially with the rug, but again, I did all of this rearranging in one day and wanted to solely use what I had on hand.
When my husband isn't lounging in this chair someone else always is. Whether it's one of the kids or this furry guy...
So this is our revamped family-living-room. Over time it will be nice to upgrade the sofa perhaps for a comfortable light gray sectional, get a rug that fits my style, and simplify some of the decor a bit more. I know, however, that I can dream all day of the things that I wish I had, but focusing on what I am already blessed with and making our home a comfortable and happy place to just be is the best of all.

So if you are sitting there thinking where is the leather sofa? I moved it to the adjacent room which is now my office again...woot woot! The whole room will be getting a makeover also, but for now, at least, I can blog, watch TV and enjoy my husband's company in the same general space at night. The kids have space to play again and access to their giant chalkboard (which has been hidden by the microfiber sofa for almost a year!). Even though more play space would be even better, we recently gave the kids the master bedroom which is HUGE, so they have a lot of fun up there.

We plan on selling this home in the next couple of years, so my hope is to have a living room and family room in the new place. But for now, I am doing my best to accept this home's limitations and space!

Source list for this space :
(This list contains some affiliate links and products I have received through brand partnerships. Full disclosure.)

Wall color - Glidden "Antique White"
Canyon Ridge Sofa
Canyon Ridge Chair
Woolbrook TV Console
Rug - Home Goods
Alton Swivel Table Lamp
Driftwood Bamboo Shades - Home Depot
Bohemian Elegance Table Lamps
Apache Saddle Blanket
Ikea Tejn Faux Sheepskin, White
Kilim throw pillows - Etsy and Miss Dilaa
Ottoman - Home Goods (similar to this one in linen/cream)
Pouf ottomans - Jonathan Louis (see this post)
Yellow chenille throw blanket

Most everything else came from thrift stores, flea markets, Craigslist, etc.

Till next time...
~Alice W.

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  1. such a great cozy space! i always love your spaces and i am glad you mentioned the leather couch because i was wondering!!!! our house only has a "living room" but it really is our family room. we love hanging out in there and it needs to be a place we can all relax together.

    1. The problem came when I go the record console and the new sofa...I didn't know where to put it all so I thought I needed two different spaces! Now I am trying to make it work as one with a small seating area in the office. It is still a major work in progress and I'll probably change it all again in a few weeks hahaha ;)

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Jennifer! So nice to have you visit!

  3. Love it! But what I'm curious about is...what happened to your fringed rug? Is it on Craigslist now? And do you ship to SD? ;)

    1. I moved it to my office space :) still a favorite! I have posted about it before - it's from Rugs USA.

  4. I love your room, and that is with the mat too. I thought at first your lounge suite was leather, looks so cosy and comfortable. Sometimes we just have to work with what we have got, and remember that our homes are family homes, and not the stylish, nothing out of place interiors we see in magazines where nothing is out of place.

  5. I think it looks awesome both ways:-)

  6. This room looks wonderful, and definitely a great space for cuddling up to watch tv - very warm and comfy!! I love the boho vibe, and you certainly achieved this feel for the room.

  7. oh man, i love the vibe in this space. i have a big brown sofa, and i tried to make it look more collected and traveled with pillows and baskets. enjoy!

  8. What a wonderful room. I love all your collections.


  9. What a wonderful room. I love all your collections.


  10. Cute space and love the Boho style. Sharing at Wow tonight. Thanks for joining.

  11. Love the Ottomans. Any idea where I can find it? I live in Atlanta area.

    1. They were custom made by Jonathan Louis. There is a link to my original post about them in the source list.

  12. Such a cool comfy space! Where did you find your blinds?


    1. Home Depot. (see source list at the end for details!)


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