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I know...I know...it has been forever since I have posted on this little blog of mine! I decided at the beginning of the summer to make some transitions in life, mainly being to take a break from the computer and social media. It has been a very refreshing time and exactly what I needed.
I have been free to spend every day focused on Hazel and Owen: having fun, exploring, creating, playing, using our imaginations and building lasting memories.

I love these days. 
In the fall, Hazel will be off to full day kindergarten and Owen to half day Pre-K. I want to savor this sweet time we have before the "big world" starts settling in. I am very excited for what lies ahead for them both at school, but I am also going to miss these days when it was just us in our own little cocoon if you will.

We also got some very exciting news in March, that we are expecting our third, due this November.
I am 23 weeks along right now and our baby was 1 lb. 1 oz. at my last ultrasound. And the very exciting news...especially for Hazel: IT'S A GIRL! We can't wait to welcome her into our family this fall. We all already love her so much. Hazel hugs and kisses my belly every day and talks to the baby. She sings songs to her and tells me every.single.thing. that she is going to do with and for her. It really is the sweetest. Owen, was a bit disappointed we didn't find out it was a boy, but he has definitely come around and can't wait to finally be a big brother!

The first trimester was pretty tough for me. I was plagued with morning sickness, nothing tasted good so I hated eating, I lost all motivation towards basically everything. I don't know if it was just the flood of hormones or what, but I went to a very low place and stayed there for quite some time. I would describe it as three months of "blah" feelings. Thus, things like blogging fell to the wayside. I could barely get the laundry done let alone think about doing anything creative or interesting to post here.

After speaking with several of the nurse mid-wives in the practice that I go to, and some high risk doctors (whom I meet with each pregnancy due to Hazel being born two months premature), and searching my heart and mind, I was able to make some adjustments that have helped tremendously. I feel great these days. I have motivation again and can honestly say I am in a very content and happy place. Plus the second trimester just seems to always be the best of the three, so I am going to enjoy every minute while it lasts! (If you want to learn more about my journey through depression in the past, read this post).

I have been trying to avoid any activities that fill my life with anxiety or the horrible joy robbing "comparison trap"...one big place being Instagram. I just can't do it anymore. I even deleted the app so I wouldn't be constantly tempted to go on. It became a place that made me feel awful afterwards. Our home is messy, lived in, toys EVERYWHERE, my kids and I aren't always sporting the latest trends, etc. and while I know this was all "in my head", I let the comparison of other people's "picture perfect boxes" get to me. It became a place, at least in my mind, focused mostly on superficial things and I am on a search for something deeper. So...you won't find me on there much, if at all, in the future. I may pop in to show pics of the new baby, but I cannot do my every day life right now. It's too much of a distraction from actually making real memories and awesome moments to remember...even if no one else ever sees them.

Here is our family this month at Hazel's 5th birthday party, which had a "wolf theme"...her favorite animal! So, of course, we were all wearing wolf shirts :)
In a nutshell, life is good right now. I am pausing to enjoy these little years and be the mom I want to be to my children. Not a crazy woman trying to keep up with everyone in the blogging world or on social media! It is an easy trap to fall into, and I am so glad I was able (for now) to escape it. I pray the Lord keeps my mind clearly focused on what really matters, and not allow the things of this world to start robbing me again from the joy that he so freely gives.

I hope that you all enjoy a beautiful summer and when I feel called to post here, I will!

Till then...
~Alice W.

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  1. A lovely post Alice! I come by your blog almost every day to get inspired by your photos and words! I know exactly what you mean with the "comparison Trap" I feel the same most of the time and I'm just blogging for a year or so... trying not to go crazy and I don't want to keep up with everyone else either.. ;) Good for you that you made this decision and I'm so happy for you that you're feeling better in your second trimester! Anyway, wishing you all the best and I will keep on coming by and visiting!

  2. Oh Congratulations on the new baby Alice! All the best.

  3. you know i am so happy for you, but especially happy that you are feeling so good these days! that is wonderful! your family is the cutest and i always love your photos. :)

  4. Congratulations, dear Alice, on the new baby girl coming!
    Great pics!
    Lots of hugs from Portugal

  5. It is very important for you to take care of yourself right now. Taking care of yourself is very important for your family and the baby soon coming.

  6. It takes a strong person to take a long look at things then change what needs to change. You are making the right choices - my children are grown but I miss those days you are in right now...nothing sweeter than these precious years. They do slip away quickly. As for staying away from social media, I can understand that! My home (even without children) is lived in and never looks like those on Instagram. It can be discouraging. So keep on doing what you need to do. Congratulations on your pregnancy and new baby girl! November is a great month to be born in. ;-)

    1. Thank you so much Cecilia!! We are very excited ;)

  7. It makes me very happy to hear that you're happy. And I'm sending hugs to you during this journey!

  8. Congratulations!!!! I'm glad to hear you are doing well, I was missing your posts. I was a tinsy bit worried, as I have fallen quite deeply down the rabbit hole of blah before myself, and I thought perhaps that was where you went. Very good to hear you are back now, and doing so well.

  9. Alice, glad that your second trimester is being kind to you. I hope that it continues well into the third. I just want you to know that I come to your blog almost daily because it is not like those "perfect" places that you see on some blogs. It is real, and I wish there were more blogs like yours. I love your home and your style. And if you are a mommy of two, your home should be messy and scattered with toys and clothes and all of that stuff. It is more important to spend time with your little ones that to spend time trying to maintain a "perfect" home. Your heart and your priorities are in the right place. That is why I love you and your posts. Wishing you the best as your pregnancy advances and after!

  10. Good for you....as life should be!!!

  11. Good for you....as life should be!!!

  12. Congratulations. I am excited for you. You are making the best choices, and I applaud you as you really enjoy what matters!

  13. Glad you can spend time with your family and do the things that mean the most. I miss the days when my kids were small so make memories and enjoy!

  14. Congrats on your pregnancy! Nice photos ♥


  15. Hazel and Owen , darling faces and perfect names.
    Congrats on #3.

  16. It is very important for you to take care of yourself right now. Taking care of yourself is very important for your family and the baby soon coming.

    Stef - www.thinkbaby.org


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