Choosing Curtains for the Bedroom

I have partnered with Budget Blinds for this post. All expressed opinions are 100% my own. Full disclosure.

Choosing curtains seems like an easy thing to do, but for me, not so much. I have stalled on selecting a pair for our master bedroom for several months now. I would go shopping to look, but leave empty handed. I would look online, but couldn't decide what I really wanted. Finally, I found a set that I fell in love with from Budget Blinds.
My husband and I moved ourselves into this bedroom last winter so that we could give our two kids the oversized master. Living in a two bedroom has gotten tough as our family has grown, but we do the best to make it work.

It's hard to believe that our family will be expanding to five within a month or so! I'm due with our third on November 13th and have carved out a little space in this tiny "master bedroom" for our sweet baby girl.

I found an amazing handmade bassinet on Craigslist a couple of weeks ago and can't wait to do it all up for her with a mattress, bedding and cute little mobile. I will share more about the bassinet and our little "boho baby corner" soon, but here is a sneak peek...
Making room for baby has been just one of my priorities for in here, the other, is finally deciding on curtains! This room gets amazing sunlight, which is great during the day, but at night when the moon is high and bright and the street lamps are glaring in, it doesn't get very dark with the simple bamboo shades we put up. Thus the need for some real deal curtains.

Even though I gave our bedroom a full makeover last spring, we never settled on any drapes - not that my husband minded. He can sleep in a fully lighted room no problem. But not me. 

So, I went on the search for drapes that were neutral in color but had a bit of personality to go with the vibe in the room. Which I guess I would describe as kind of minimalist, vintage bohemian? You tell me. There are various patterns and textures going on, but they are mainly all neutrals and muted shades. Lots of white as well with the walls and chenille bedspread. 

The panels that I ended up deciding on from Budget Blinds, are the 84" Floral Jacquards in 'Beige'. I love the tone on tone pattern they have and the added warmth and texture they bring to our room. Not to mention a darker room at night. These panels are lined, but aren't black out curtains...I do like to have a little light coming through to know when it's morning!
Budget Blinds has so many different options for window treatments like curtain panels, blinds, shutters, shades and lots more. They even offer free design consultations which is pretty cool. Maybe if I had done that it wouldn't have taken me so long to finally decide! Be sure to check out all that they have to offer on their site and social media if you are in need of some new window treatments.

I can't wait to share more from this room as subtle changes take place welcoming our baby. Not too long and it won't be the light coming through that keeps me up at night but a hungry newborn! I sincerely can't wait. It has been four years since I had the pleasure of caring for a newborn. I am definitely getting ready to bring our girl home and embrace this precious phase of parenting once again.

Till next time...
~Alice W.

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