Copper + Gold Boho Thanksgiving Table Ideas

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Thanksgiving is coming fast! Even though we are expecting our third baby any time now, there is still a chance we might host Thanksgiving dinner here. It would be potluck and my husband would cook the turkey, so that I can simply focus on our new baby...and making the house pretty for our guests. 
The creativity involved with that actually excites me no matter what is going on. I'm planning now how I want to do up the table should we decide to have our family here. This is what I came up ideal version I suppose you could say.

I started with my two favorite metallic shades: copper and gold and went from there. Wouldn't it be lovely to send guests a pretty invitation for the occasion? I loved many of the designs I found on Minted as well as Etsy (where you can find lots of instant downloads to print yourself and save some money).

I am looking into getting new dishes and silverware asap and love the idea of simple white like the ones shown above from Amazon paired with copper or gold flatware. Target seems to have the most reasonable prices for that.

A rose gold sequined runner on our rustic table would be gorgeous filled in the center with several brass candlesticks of various sizes and feathers for the boho vibe. As would a set of tribal patterned napkins,and quirky decor touches like the Native American Wolf and Pilgrim Bear. Moscow mules would be a lovely addition as would gold charger plates and leaf napkin rings.

To finish off everyone's place, I'd love to add a little card and rustic twig pencil for guests to write what they are thankful for.

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I know many bloggers are on to their Christmas decor posts, but I decided to go against the grain this year. I don't want to rush through the seasons, so I am purposefully focusing on Thanksgiving now.

Don't get me wrong...I love Christmas and decorating for it, but I do think the rush to move towards it has lessened the joy. Each year it gets a little bit worse. When did we decide Thanksgiving just doesn't matter much? I have even fallen victim to this thinking in previous years, but I am taking a different course this time. I want my kids to know that we don't need to rush. We can simply slow down and enjoy each holiday as it comes.

I am officially 39 weeks along in my pregnancy as of yesterday...which hopefully means we will get to meet our baby girl this week! I have never been this far along so it is both an exciting and daunting time. Not knowing when she will make her appearance and growing more and more tired every day is proving to be a challenge. But then I know life will never be the same again once we see her face! I have so much to be thankful for this season. Life is good.

Till next time...
~Alice W.

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