Life with Violet

Hello everybody! I'm back! Well, for a moment update you on the birth of our baby and life these days! We very happily welcomed Violet Isla into our family on November 12th, 2016, just one day before she was due. She has been an easy going, happy baby from day one, and we could not be more overjoyed.

Life is a lot busier these days with adding a third child to the mix, but I am loving it. I have received several emails gently asking if everything is okay and how we are doing...many based on the knowledge of my previous experience with PPD. I am so happy to let everyone know that this was the best newborn experience I have had and I am doing very well mentally and emotionally.

Hazel and Owen love having a little sister and the adjustment has been amazing. No real issues...other than maybe the first few weeks with Owen. He wasn't too sure about her and made a few comments about how she "smelled like a flu shot" and "looked like a baby gremlin"! He is completely enamored with her now though and is the BEST big brother. Hazel has been a little mom since before she was even born so no issues whatsoever there. She is an incredible sister.

We have also been very busy getting our house ready to put on the market next week. Time to find a bigger and better place to call home! We have loved this one, but outgrown it sometime ago.

 I don't know when I will get back to more routine blogging, but I do hope to as soon as life settles a bit. Thanks to everyone for the kind words emailed to me and for thinking of me since I have been "away" so to speak.

I really just want to focus on my family, my real life and enjoying these little years while they last. Hazel will be six this summer and Owen is going to be in kindergarten next year...and little Violet will already be six months old on the 12th! Sniff, sniff. It all goes by way too fast.

I hope to share more pics of life with Violet as time allows (which is slim these days but I will do my best!). Blessings!

(P.S. I had changed to google+ comments awhile ago, but was not receiving notifications of them through my email. I am so sorry for any that I missed! I have decided to convert back to the old comment system but lost all previous google+ comments.)

Till next time,
~Alice W.


  1. Congratulations! Enjoy your time with your sweeties. They grow up way too fast. Good to hear all is well!

  2. she's beautiful and such a wonderful addition! you have your priorities straight. enjoy this time!

  3. "smells like a flu shot" Bahahahaha!

  4. She's a beautiful little girl. Congratulations.

    1. Such a beautiful baby and a wonderful are blessed!

  5. Oh she's beautiful! Congratulations!

  6. Alice-she is sooooo pretty! I also had a baby (our 4th!) in November, and echo all your thoughts and feelings. Enjoy your time with all three beautiful children, and good luck with the house hunt!


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