Owen's Avengers Superhero Birthday Party

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I started this post about my little man, Owen's, Avengers' themed birthday party before Violet was born last fall! And as life goes...it just sat in my "drafts" waiting to be published. He will be turning five this coming September so I figured I better get this post out there before the next one rolls around. In fact we just celebrated Hazel's 6th birthday on Saturday and had a fun horse themed party. Hopefully I will get that one posted here before she turns seven!
avengers superhero themed birthday party for kids
I think he started planning his "Avengers Superhero Party" the minute his third birthday was over. I heard about every single detail of what he wanted to have at this epic party for months. I aimed to please our little super hero and make it, as he requested, "the best party ever." I started with an inexpensive scene setter and taped it up behind the main dessert table on our back patio.

Owen wanted ALL of his superheroes represented at this party no matter if they were from the Avengers, Justice League, etc. His absolute favorite is Iron Man with Captain American, Spiderman, Hulk and Batman as the runners up.

I used his toy action figures all around the table and propped up his large Iron Man and Captain American on some play cardboard bricks. 

Various other superhero's could be found around the table...even a couple of villains were invited.
Decorated Avengers superhero birthday party backdrop and dessert table
DIY Iron Man and Captain America Birthday Party Decorations
Avengers superhero birthday party table decorations and dessert table
superhero action figures used to decorate birthday party dessert table
Last year, Owen went to every "Build and Grow" Avengers event at our local Lowe's. He made the whole circle of heroes. So we had to show them off at the party. 
I added some red, white and blue streamers down the sides, purchased an inexpensive Avengers table cover, and some other Avengers party supplies.

Iron Man even came out for the party...well..a 2-D version anyways. Owen later said this cardboard cut-out was his favorite part. 
Iron Man Cardboard Cutout Birthday Party Decoration
These are really fun for parties, but I must warn you...do not bring them inside afterwards and put them in a bedroom or bathroom or basement standing up. You will freak out every time you pass them by and think someone is watching you. I don't know how many times I jumped when I turned and saw this standing there!

Owen got to wear his new Iron Man mask that I purchased just for the occasion. He loves showing off all of his best superhero moves...
Iron Man mask for boy's birthday party
Captain American is his second favorite, so he took turns being him also with a shield and mask.
Captain America shield and mask for boy's birthday party
Both Hazel and Owen helped put together all of the goodie bags. Owen was mostly just excited when I let him make one for himself. The bags were filled with Avengers party favors and Batman vs. Superman fruit snacks. We put them in a large Avengers bucket and passed them out to guests on their way home.

We also had masks for all the kids to wear, if they wanted, and a bin of superhero props.
Avengers party favor bags
Avengers party photobooth face masks
Owen requested red velvet cupcakes (his favorite color because of Iron Man) with cream cheese frosting. I used Avengers baking cups, and my mom made several Captain America shields as toppers. I also found these icing decorations at Party City.
Avengers birthday party cupcakes on cardboard shield stand
Birthday cupcakes decorated for superhero party
Captain America and Iron Man cupcake decorations
Four of the cupcakes were decorated with an Avengers candle set. The number worked out perfect for us! They were all stacked on and around an Avengers cupcake stand
Avengers birthday cupcakes with character candles
We had to have a few extra treats to fill in the treat table, of course, so my mom whipped up these "Thor Hammers" with marshmallows and pretzels. The kids seemed to love them. I didn't try any...
Marshmallow and Pretzel Thor Hammer Party Treats
One of my favorite parts of planning a birthday party, is coming up with games for the kids to enjoy. We came up with three for this superhero party.

First, we had a "Hulk Smash" game, where the kids got to wear blow up Hulk hands (and a mask if they wanted), and then knock down a large stack of cardboard bricks. Big thanks to Grandpa for setting that thing up over and over. I probably would have called it quits fairly quickly.
Hulk Smash Party Game with Inflatable Hulk Hands and Cardboard Bricks
Inflatable Hulk hands smash game for Avengers party
The next game, Owen and I came up with together. We filled several empty water bottles with various colored water and I printed off superhero images on card stock and taped them around the bottles. 

My husband has a rubber mallet that we used as "Thor's Hammer" and the kids got to knock down as many bottles as they could. No one got hurt and none of the bottles exploded thankfully! I had glued the tops shut, but I was still worried we would have a colorful mess on our hands. Thankfully, the kids weren't too rough, but did enjoy knocking the bottles down again and again.
DIY superhero game with colorful filled waterbottels and superhero decals
DIY Thor hammer knock down bottle party game
The idea for the last game was inspired by this blog post. I research a lot for all of the parties we have. Thank goodness for creative people willing to share their ideas, right?!

We decided to make our game reusable and magnetic. I spray painted a canvas and drew a black Sharpie web on it. I Googled spiderman spiders and then printed off several and laminated them with my thermal laminator (not necessary but I wanted to be able to keep the game for Owen).

My husband glued a thin piece of metal to the back of the canvas, and we added some small flat, thin magnets to the spiders. You could just as easily use tape or poster tack.
Playing Pin the Spider on the Web superhero Spiderman party game
Spiderman Pin the Spider on the Web party game
Spiderman Pin the Spider Game
We gave out several prizes and all of the kids eventually got one so no one felt left out. We only had a handful of kids so that made it easy.

Even some of the grown ups gave the game a try!
When the games were over, it was time to sing Happy Birthday and enjoying those delicious cupcakes. Owen could not wait. He's usually pretty shy around lots of people, but he seemed to really enjoy being the center of attention while we were singing.
Finally, it was the moment he had been waiting for....presents! Several times, throughout the day, he came up to ask if it was time yet to open presents?

He received a lot of superhero and Avengers related toys and clothing. No complaints there. 

After all of the festivities were over, family continued to mingle and help Owen open up all of this new toys. We even snuck in a few family photos! I had on my new Captain America t-shirt (it was a tight fit at eight months pregnant but I made it work), we found my husband this Hulk shirt and Hazel wore a thrift store found Spidergirl dress. 

As Owen likes to say, "We were all superheroed up!"
Before having kids, I could never have imagined having this much fun being a mother to a little boy...but it is truly one of the best things that has ever happened to me. Owen is an amazing little man who loves his mama so much! I am blessed to call him mine.

Till next time...
~Alice W.

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