Settling into Our New Home

So we are here! We officially closed on our house and have been living here for almost a month now. Hard to believe. It has been an adjustment for all of us, but overall a positive one. Changes are hard even if they are good changes.
We are still living with boxes all around and figuring out where to put our belongings but that is part of the excitement of moving to a new home. Finding a new place for everything. I might actually be pretty slow at it compared to most, or maybe the build up of packing, staging, selling and moving left me burnt out and now I just want to relax a bit! I'm definitely taking my time to settle in.

My husband has had more motivation than me and already removed the upstairs carpet in two bedrooms, replaced an old blue toilet in the kids' hallway bathroom and most recently: put in our order for new kitchen cabinets. I can't wait to show you that makeover once it's complete. We are very budget conscious, so don't expect crazy renovations, but it will amazing to have all new cabinetry and countertops that we chose ourselves.
I love, love, love having an entryway. It has been a desire of mine forever. We haven't done anything in here yet except clean it, but it's a beautiful space that I am excited to personalize in the future. 
I have started some simple decorating here and there (mainly just to keep things off the floor and protect them from getting broken), but it will be awhile before we get to the real deal decorating. The back room (shown below) will likely be a den/sitting room with our leather sofa. I plan on painting the brick on the fireplace at some point and am still deciding what to do about the beams. I love me some wood beams but these are pretty dated looking, so we will see. Any advice? 
The lead glass windows in this room were made by the original owner of the home. They are a bit wavy and not perfect by any means, but have definitely grown on me and I think we will keep them. At least for the time being. They don't currently open (someone drilled them shut), but they do give the room a lot of character.
The kids are so excited to find all of their toys that were packed away, so almost every room is covered in them, even though we are blessed with a finished basement room that is now their official play room. 

We allowed them to make that space really their own by drawing on the walls. Normally a no-no, of course, but I thought it would be a fun activity to help them adjust to the new place. We are calling it our "playroom wallpaper", and I love it. And will love looking back on it as they grow.
We also found a spot to mark the kids' heights as they grow up here. Another small way we are making this place feel more like home.
And we already have refrigerator art! Can't go too long before that happens. We found a new church to attend our second week here and the kids are enjoying the children's program, where they made these. 
It is really starting to feel like home and for that I am so relieved. The kids start school next week which will be another adjustment. They talk about their "old school" and their "new school" now and are both a bit nervous about the transition, but I know eventually it will feel like their school. 

I hope to find some time to start blogging more regularly when Hazel and Owen are at school all day and Violet is taking her morning/afternoon naps. There is still lots of unpacking and work to do around here, but I am excited to take you along on the journey.

You may have noticed a new look and layout to my blog! I am still adjusting it all, but am glad to now have a mobile friendly site. Let me know how it looks to you and how your overall experience is. And if you notice something missing please let me know! I tried to get everything back in place but I'm still tweaking it a bit.

Till next time...
~Alice W.

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  1. I love the wood beams but they are a tad on the dark side. I wonder if they would look better once the fireplace is painted. I think that's what I'd wait for. Then if they still look too contrasty (that's a word, right?) you can lighten them. Love the entry...can't wait to see how you make it fit you all. Best wishes to the kids as they start school in a new place.

  2. New is hard, even when we asked for it. Good luck to the kiddos as they enter this new school. I can't wait to see more of your blogposts again, definitely missed you around here!
    Kim @Irishman Acres

  3. I love the wood beams! I think once the fireplace is painted it will brighten every thing up nicely. Gorgeous light in the entryway love it.

  4. So glad to hear that you're finally in the new house! Take your time with the settling process - it looks like you're right on target. Get the kids acclimated then move forward. ;) All my best!

  5. Settling in will take a while but do not rush it. Now you will get to redecorate, paint, and maybe get those windows fixed to open again!


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