Hello Fall Home Tour 2017

It's officially fall! My favorite time of year is now through Christmas. I have a particularly soft spot in my heart for the first two weeks of November when Halloween is over and it starts to feel "holidayish" without the pressure of getting gifts. Everything starts to get crisp and cool outside and warm and cozy inside. But anyways...I am getting ahead of myself. It has actually been unseasonably hot here so it's feeling more like an extended summer. But I have not let that stop me from decorating for fall!

I am joining with some talented bloggers on this first official day of autumn to bring you our "Hello Fall" home tours. If you are coming from Polished Habitat, welcome! So glad you found your way to me. Be sure to visit the rest at the end of this post.

Now for the tour! If you walked in the front door this morning you would smell fresh coffee and my fall candles that I always have going this time of year.

If you are new here or it's been awhile since you have  let me bring you up to speed. At the end of July we moved into our new home: a 1970's Dutch colonial that was fairly dated and in need of some cosmetic updates. It's in a great neighborhood and school district and has a lot more space than our previous home. Now each kid gets their own room and they have a separate playroom. I am super excited because now I have so many new spaces to decorate. We have lots of plans to make it our own, but I am not going to let that keep me from going ahead and getting started right now. I can make that 70's vibe work anyways, right? It's basically in right now.
Outside, on the front porch, we have white and jarrahdale pumpkins mixed with some ceramic jack-o-lanterns I just found last week. I knew the kids would love them. The large urn planters were empty when we moved in, so I threw in some yellow mums to bring them back to life for fall.
Even though I have been super excited to finally have a formal entry way, I haven't decorated it or done much to it, so we will skip that space for now and head straight into the formal dining room. 

The only major change so far in here is taking down the massive draperies and rods from the original owner! That definitely made it feel lighter, brighter and fresh in here. The brass chandelier is actually growing on me more and more.
I kept things really simple in here, adding more white and jarrahdale pumpkins as the centerpiece with some brass candlesticks acting as pedestals.
We have "our family as pumpkins" in the window sill...my husband, myself, Hazel, Owen and little Violet on the end :) I'm sure my kids will add faces to these ones soon.
We are still unpacking and deciding where to put things, so many spaces are not put together yet, so I will take you now to our back den. This room is going to hold our chesterfield leather sofa and be my office space for blogging. Whoo hoo...my own little quiet space! 

The fireplace in here is currently not functional and we don't plan on using it, but I want to keep it to decorate. I hope to paint the brick white and I am still on the fence about the beams. Not sure what the plan is yet for those. 

For now, I am just using everything as is, so I went ahead and decorated the heck out of that dated 1970's mantel. I am definitely having fun with this room. Basically it's just a room that I can decorate and redecorate to my hearts content. My dream. All without worrying too much about making it completely baby and kid proof. The kids spend the majority of their time in our main living room or the playroom.
Now, I'll take you back to the front of the house to the main living room where we spend most of our time. Our kid friendly furniture is in there along with our television. You can get a small glimpse of one side here. 

It is still very much a work in progress. I haven't quite settled on a furniture arrangement yet. I keep changing my mind! And the kids keep taking the cushions off to make forts so it's never quite put together no matter what. 
I brought in some fall colors to the space and a few seasonal touches to the gray cabinet. Hazel drew us the "Happy Fall" sign and spelled it out all on her own. She is in first grade and working hard at sounding out words. This sign is pretty precious, backwards p's and all.

Be sure to visit my fellow bloggers joining with me today as we virtually open our homes for you to celebrate the first official day of fall. All of them have various aesthetic styles so you are sure to be inspired! Next up after me is Green with Decor!

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Till next time...
~Alice W.


  1. So happy to see you enjoying your new home, Alice! Can't wait to see what you do with it! Love the little pumpkins in the windowsill.

  2. Oh Alice, everything looks gorgeous! I love Hazel's sign. It reminds me of how Hagrid *HP* spells "happe birthday Harry" on his cake. So adorable.

  3. Just gorgeous! I adore your mantle especially. Thank-you for sharing and for blogging! I always read. :)

  4. I love it when I see your name in my inbox...I can't resist spending some time looking at your beautiful photography, home decorating, and to hear about your sweet family. I should be making the bed and putting the dishes away!
    Thanks for the Fall update.

  5. Love your fall touches, especially your family of pumpkins. Also, I love your dining room table top. Gorgeous.

  6. All ready for fall. Do they turquoise-like pumpkins come in that color or are they painted?

    1. They come that way! They are called Jarrahdale pumpkins. Definitely my favorite!

  7. Very festive---Your front porch looks so welcoming! I love the little pumpkins on the windows sill. You are doing a great job making your home a true-to-you home!!


  8. Your front porch is adorable! I really love the simplicity of your dining room right now and the rest of your fall touches are so warm and sweet. I can't wait to see what you do with your new office space and the rest of your house! Happy fall Alice.

  9. Such a beautiful fall tour. My favorite was Hazel's art - it is just the sweetest thing. Susan

  10. You are TOTALLY speaking my language on your tour! LOVING all those green pumpkins. The minimalist simplicity of it all. I also really love those dining chairs. So glad you were able to jump in the tour. Hoping the birthday party went great! What a wonderful tour!

  11. I just love all of the pumpkins - it makes your home feel so festive for fall!

  12. Adorable. Your style fits this home perfectly. I can't wait to see more.

  13. She did an amazing job on that happy fall art. Ans you did an amazing job at making that 70's fireplace look very chic. (Oh, and I really love those beams!)


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