Ten Months with Baby Violet

It's hard to believe that almost a year has passed since our little Violet Isla was born, but November 12th will be here before we know it. This little lady has brought so much joy and happiness to our lives.

I can still remember the day when I heard Hazel wish on a dandelion that "Mommy and Daddy would have a baby." I remind her of that now and how little Violet is her wish come true. She definitely agrees. We all do.
Maybe it's because I was a month shy of 35 when I had her, or that my other two were four and five years old, and not toddlers anymore, or that I just got more comfortable in my "mom skin", but she has been a breeze as a baby. Even getting up in the night to feed her has never seemed as difficult. 

She laughs easily, sits quietly in wonderment and curiosity, and loves to cuddle. I love the noises she makes and how she bops to music (even bad commercial music), gets excited when she sees "George" the monkey on TV, and how blue her eyes are. 

Her dimples. Her little hands. The way she leans in to kiss my face and slobbers all over me. Her bald head with tiny tufts of little hairs that stick out on the sides. How her face lights up when she sees her brother and sister get off the school bus. The way she claps when she hears someone say "good job!" All of these things and so many more make me immensely proud and happy to be her mom. 
She is a joy, and I am so happy and blessed to be able to stay home with her every day and watch all of her milestones. The one-on-one time during the school day is precious and I know it will be short lived, so I am trying my best to soak it all up while it lasts!

Till next time...
~Alice W.


  1. Alice, she's so beautiful and you've taken amazing photos of her! Loved the story of Hazel wishing on a dandelion for her. So cute!

  2. She is just as cute as can be! I know you are enjoying her!


  3. such adorable big eyes, and that smile...!!

  4. She is beautiful, just like her mommy!

    Jane x

  5. She's beautiful. Those blue eyes, that smile and those little toes! Can you tell my kids are all grown? lol. Enjoy her.


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