Eclectic Fall Porch Decorating Ideas

I wanted to start this post with "Happy October!", but I know it's off to a sobering start with the shooting in Las Vegas. My heart is heavy every time I turn on the news these days, and yesterday, I sat in shock as I drank my morning coffee and watched my little baby, Violet, play innocently on the floor. 

My other two were off on the bus to school and all I could do was pray. Pray, pray and pray some more. At the end of these confusing days, all that I know to do is continue to put my trust in God and spread as much goodness and kindness as I possibly can. The motto for my kids at school this year is "The year of kindness," so we talk about ways to be kind all the time. They may feel small, but a little kindness can go a long way in this sad world.

I hope to bring you a little joy today, with some eclectic fall porch decorating ideas I have put together from my own home and fellow bloggers. Even though decorating may seem trivial in times like these, it truly does make me happy and fill my own heart with joy. It is something I have always enjoyed even before I had my own home. And is made all the more special now, when I have specific people to do it for. 

I keep them in mind as I set up vignettes here and there and rearrange furniture. It is not simply in vein or for show, it is to bring them joy and happiness even in these small things. And to bring joy to visitors to our home and passersby. I know that I get a warm, hopeful feeling whenever I see someone who has taken the time to make their own little space in the world beautiful and inviting. That is what I strive to do here.

I hope you enjoy this collection of eclectic fall porch decorating ideas and let me know how you enjoy bringing the season to your outdoor space in a comment below! Click on the links below each photograph to see more from these spaces.
In the fall of 2015, I filled our porch with a variety of mums, plants and pumpkins mixed with eclectic finds and bohemian decor.
This year, we moved to our new home and I kept things similar but simplified, adding a nod to Halloween for the little ones with the ceramic jack o'lantern collection.

The mix of aqua, orange and green is a great alternative to traditional colors. I love how Cassie Bustamante put together this rustic boho porch design in 2016.

I get very excited when I stumble upon colorful fall decor, like this eclectic mixture of potted plants, pumpkins and gords from PMQ for Two.

Sometimes a crafty project is all that is needed to add some eclectic charm to your porch decor like this crate from Two Thirty-Five Designs. And gold pumpkins! 

Black and orange doesn't always have to scream "Halloween" when tastefully arranged and paired with an inviting front doormat, like this design from Bright Green Door.

A few years in a row, I skipped the traditional wreath. In 2015, it was replaced with Indian Corn and found foliage from the yard.

In 2016, I went for a bohemian vibe with a macrame owl and beaded shells. 

I sincerely hope that these simple ideas bring you joy and a little bit of beauty today. Now, let's go and spread some kindness in the world!

Till next time...
~Alice W.

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  1. i love your macrame owl and love that corn hanging as well! thank you so much for including me in this post! :)

  2. Yes- My heart is breaking, too, as I watch the news and the aftermath of the cowardly act of a madman. It was fun to pop in here for a bit and see some 'pretty'- a stark contrast to what is playing out on the TV screen. Your porch is just lovely...all set for Fall. xo Diana

  3. Aw it was an honor to see my porch! Thanks for including me! What a great roundup!


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