Happy Halloween!

Just popping in quick to say Happy Halloween! Today, I have a few random shots from around our house that I thought I would share for the occasion. I am off this morning to volunteer as a class helper for Owen's Halloween party, then watching both older kids participate in the school parade. Then of course gearing up for lots of fun after school when we get ready to go out trick-or-treating. The kids are so excited to go trick-or-treating around our new neighborhood, and are sure they are going to get tons of candy ugh. I'm sure I'll share a pic or two on Instagram or Facebook if you are interested to see their costumes.

It's little Violet's first Halloween so it should be extra fun. And she has even learned to say "boo"...but in the sweetest, non-scary voice you've ever heard ;) She will be dressing up along with her big sister and brother. Hope that goes over well with her. We shall see!
Black Glitter Cat Silhouette in the Window
I think almost every window in our house has some sort of decoration. My favorite, this year, is this black glitter cat silhouette that my mom made for us on her Cricut.
New this year, since Owen is very much interested in the human skeleton, a garland of moveable skeletons that we have doing some funny moves.
I shared our Halloween mantel last week. The black house is my favorite part of it. Another gift from my mom.
Our dining room was my favorite for decorating this Halloween. We went all out in there including a wall of bats and chandelier filled with a murder of crows.
And cobwebs galore. I am getting a bit tired of those now, so I am eager to move on to Thanksgiving decor and get this place cleaned up!
I never got around to sharing our entry way decorated this season, but here is a little glimpse of it. Our ghost family flanked the front door. And my mom even added one for Violet this year.
We did so many fun family activities this year including pumpkin carving with the grandparents, making Halloween monster cupcakes, going to a hoedown fundraising festival at the kids' school and decorating their bedrooms complete with costumes for their stuffed animals and dolls. We danced to Monster Mash, already ate an entire bag of Kit Kats and watched Curious George's Boo Fest at least three times.

It has been such a fun October and I am sad it went by so quickly. But I love, love, love what lies ahead. My favorite time of year: now through Christmas. I know it is going to be filled with so many fond memories.

Stay safe tonight if you head out and enjoy your day no matter how you spend it! And try not to eat too much candy...if you can resist. If there are Kit Kats involved I know I won't be able to.

Till next time...
~Alice W.

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  1. What a fun fun fun post, Alice! You have so much fun Halloween going on there. I love it all--from the bats on the wall to the vignette with the 'haunted house'. Hope you have a great night- xo Diana


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